When I Finally "Got IT'!

by Tina
(Pensacola, FL)

Mike Dooley Autograph!

Mike Dooley Autograph!

Mike Dooley Autograph!
My Much-Used IPad!

I have been listening to Abraham-Hicks for many, many years, but, being a 'hard-headed woman', it took me Quite a while to actually GET their very simple message - Do everything you can to Just Feel Good! And Expect Good Things to happen at all times!

The time that it REALLY hit me that this stuff REALLY Works (!!) was a few short years ago. I was finally Feeling Good and Happy to be Alive. In a 2 week period, I had 3 amazing things happen. First, I won an autographed copy of Mike Dooley's 'The Top 10 Things Dead People Want To Tell You'. (Mike is also Awesome and worth checking out!) The next thing was when I went to an 'employee appreciation day' at my then job. It was a Beautiful Day and I was feeling Good. They had a large amount of prizes they were giving away, and I just Knew that I was going to win something! My name was actually the very first to be called, and I won the Best prize, a new IPad!! Very Exciting, since I never (used to!) win Anything!
The next thing that happened right away, was receiving a fairly large amount of money that I had nearly given up on (!), that was 3 years in the works. This has helped to create a lot of Freedom in my life!
I continue to see 'miracles' happen all the time!
Life Is Fun, Life IS Good, and I LOVE Abraham-Hicks!!
; ]
(Oh, and shortly after all That... I met the Love of My Life!)

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Jun 17, 2016
Thank you!
by: Tina

Appreciate your comments!

Jun 16, 2016
by: Terri

Your personal experience with Law of Attraction, influence and information about Abraham Hicks and entire website about Alternative Healing is the best on the web. Thank you !

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