What is a Detox Diet and
Why You Should Try One

Detox Diet

What is a detox diet that makes it so necessary in today’s world? 

Our modern world is

a highly toxic environment,

that goes without saying. 

I think we all feel like we need to ‘detox’ every so often, and the truth is, we should be doing some kind of detox on a regular basis!  

Our diets are loaded with so much bad stuff… too much sugar, salt, preservatives, alcohol, drugs, legal and not.

From the air that we breathe to the water we drink to the foods we buy at supermarkets, it can be hard to get away from chemicals, pesticides and pollutants. 

Purging all of the accumulated chemicals, heavy metals, bacteria, parasites, and undigested food is one of the best things that you could possibly do for your body. 

Our bodies have an amazing ability to remove many of these toxins on their own. Our skin excretes by sweating, our kidneys by urinating, our livers by filtering, but from time to time, they can use a little help.

If you’ve been feeling a little sluggish,

have a lot of headaches,

feel under the weather or

you’d just like to feel better than you do now,

it may be time to

try out a detox diet.

Detox, or cleansing, diets for quick weight loss is not a good idea. Your body will lose nutrients that it needs daily in this process.

The same with water, you can do a great flush with water alone, drinking nothing but good quality water all day, but this will flush much needed minerals, vitamins and electrolytes from your body.

What Is A Detox Diet?

Simply put, these diets are designed to help remove toxins from your system, especially the liver, digestive tract, blood and the kidneys.

It’s generally a short term diet which you’ll follow from anywhere from three days to a month.

While they are not typically intended to cure or treat

any particular medical condition,

a detox diet is likely to have several positive effects

on your overall health.

The best part (other than that it’s actually a lot easier than you might think) is that there are elements of a detox diet that you can incorporate into your daily eating for better health.

How Does It Work

Carrot Juice

A body detox diet doesn’t have to be difficult to start or follow.

You also don’t need to break the bank buying supplements or cleanse products which promise instant results.

In fact, a detox diet is largely common sense.

It all starts by eliminating two of the biggest culprits out of your diet – sugar and processed foods.

That alone can help reduce headaches, give you more energy, boost your immune system and improve your mood and mental focus.

There are a lot of different kinds of detox diets, ranging from low calorie liquid diets to juice fasts to all-raw foods diets and many others, but especially if this is your first time trying a detox diet, it’s probably best to keep it simple.

Try a diet which cuts out the bad stuff and replaces it with healthier options like lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains and lean proteins.

If at all possible, choose organic foods when you can – even after you complete your detox diet, this is still a good idea!

Get Started!

One of the best ways to start a detox diet

is to eat a little more fruit.

Grapefruit is a great choice, since it contains enzymes which assist in the process of metabolization, so it can speed along your detoxification.

Pears, apples and other fruits which are high in fiber are also good choices – fiber helps to clear out your digestive tract and maintain good digestive health.

Dark green leafy vegetables, especially kale, should definitely be part of your detox diet, whether eaten raw in salads, lightly steamed or juiced.

Ginger is another powerful detoxifier. This root contains isothyonites which promote detoxication.

Cruciferous vegetables, part of the cabbage family, are similarly good, being great sources of vitamin C (a great detox antioxidant as well as an essential nutrient) and fiber.

Other foods which deserve a place in any detox diet are antioxidant-packed blueberries and citrus fruit, parsley for its diuretic effect, and pomegranates, which are also rich in antioxidants.

Make sure to drink plenty of water daily to help flush out your system and get regular movement or exercise while you’re on a detox diet, just as you would do any time.

Detoxification doesn’t have to be hard.

At its core, a detox diet can be a very simple thing. Mostly, it just involves eating the foods that you already know you Should eat and Avoiding the things that you already know are bad for you!

Your body can detoxify itself naturally, but in our environment, you can kickstart the process and improve your health in the bargain by getting started on a simple detox diet.

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