weight loss -
alternative ways to lose weight!

Weight loss. 

Lose weight. 

I need to lose weight. 

I gotta lose some weight.

I need help with weight loss. 

Isn't there an Easier way to shed pounds?!

Do you have to bury yourself in the sand in order to lose weight?!

Words that the vast majority of us say at one time or another, or even daily, in our lives.

Unfortunately, being overweight is very prevalent!

The World Health Organization, in 2014, reported that obesity around the world has more than DOUBLED since 1980, with more than 1.9 BILLION people overweight.  

obesity is preventable!

The latest (2015) Center for Disease Control statistics are alarming. 

We are heavier than ever before in history, with over 30% of Americans over age 20 overweight or obese.

That is more than 97 million adults! 

Other statistics that I have seen have us up to 37% overweight! 

One-third of children age 6-19 are Overweight.


We are just setting our youth up for an unhealthy future of diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, arthritis, stroke, cancer. Mysterious aches and pains and illness. Outrageous doctor's bills and too much medication.

Is This Fair To The Children That We are Raising?? 

Schools all over this country are cutting out recess and Physical Education and sports programs! 

I find this Deplorable!


They Learn Better that way! 


But I really am not here to lecture (!).

We All are Aware that it is too easy to gain weight,

and hard(er) to lose it. 

I am here to help you find a few ways to

Easily, Naturally and Gradually lose some pounds!

causes of obesity

  • an abundance of poor quality food available, including too much fats, sugars and salt 
  • sedentary lifestyle 
  • lack of motivation
  • lack of 'time', so pre-packaged, processed food, or fast food drive-thrus win out
  • too much alcohol 
  • medications and illness

some easy ways to start your weight loss!

Eat More Fruit!

**Eat more fruits and vegetables!

This is one of the Simplest and Easiest ways to begin losing weight!

Try substituting an apple for an afternoon snack, a banana for breakfast instead of a donut, an orange or avocado here and there, fruit in a morning shake or smoothie.

A large salad with some tuna or chicken for lunch or dinner can fill you up just as much as meat and potatoes or pizza

(YES, It Can!)! 


We have plenty of articles on this website that will guide you towards Healing With Foods, showing you particular foods that can help with the various health issues that people get when they are overweight. 

Check out some of these: 

  • Cucumbers! - They have an Amazing Amount of Health Benefits! 
  • And, for fun, check out how Penn Jillette (of Penn and Teller fame) lost over 100 pounds! 

Health and Goodness In A Bowl of Salad!

100 calorie snacks

A smaller snack when your energy slumps will help your blood sugar stay regulated, so you don't get the highs and lows that junk food or caffeine can do to you. 

Portion Control is one of the big keys to weight loss!

Have you noticed lately that a lot of companies are finally making Smaller snack bags rather than extra-jumbo? 

If you have trouble with Limiting your snack attacks, try these 100 calorie snacks! 

You know that once your stomach starts to shrink a bit, then you won't be laughing at how small these bags are, you will be looking forward to your treat that will satisfy your craving for a snack. 

Emerald makes a number of 100 calorie bags of great nuts, some are even flavored, if you need that. 

Nabisco has 100 calorie cookie and Ritz bags. 

Dole has pineapple juice in 100 calorie cans, healthy and refreshing! (But watch the Sugar!)

Del Monte has 100 calorie fruit cups. 

There are many companies selling 100 calorie popcorn bags. 

There are 4oz fat-free pudding cups. 

Snyder's has 100 calorie pretzel packs. 

Cheez-Its come in 100 calorie bags. 


If you would like to make your own 100 calorie snacks or snack bags, try these: 

About 30 grapes (frozen is a fun snack!) is about 100 calories. 

Or 2 kiwis. 

About 25 - 30 pistachios. 

15 almonds.

About 8 large shrimp with a little cocktail sauce.

One cup of blueberries with a spoon of whipped cream. 

2 cups of watermelon. 

3/4 oz of sharp cheddar cheese. 

About 12 baby carrots with a couple of spoons of hummus or low-fat ranch dressing. 

A half a cup of non-fat greek yogurt with some cinnamon or a little honey on it. 

9 or 10 kalamata olives.

One large egg is about 75 calories. 

A half to 2/3 ounce of dark chocolate! 

A 6 oz glass of low-fat or skim milk with 2 teaspoons of chocolate syrup. 

2/3 cup of Unsweetened cereal with a 1/3 cup low fat milk. Add a bit of honey if you need it sweeter! 

About 2 cups of popcorn, Not microwaved! Pop kernels in a pan or air-blown, Much Healthier! Add a little nutritional yeast or ground flax seeds for a cheesy or nutty flavor! 

About 10 blue-corn tortilla chips. 

1/4 cup wasabi peas. 

A 1/2 an apple or one celery stalk with natural (No sugar added!) peanut butter is about 100 calories. 

One roasted, skinless drumstick is about 75 calories. 

(Send in your own favorites and I will add them here!) 

move!    move a little!    move more!!

Move! Walk In Nature! Breathe Deeply!

I Know - 'exercise' can be such an ugly word!

Everyone is trying to get you to exercise! 

But the facts PROVE that being a couch potato, being sedentary, or going from house to car to work to car to store to car to home... we feel like sometimes we are always moving, but it doesn't really count for much! 


I want to ease all of that guilt a bit,

and try to get people


J U S T 

M O V E  

M O R E !!


Don't make it a big deal!

Find an activity that you like to do, preferably Outdoors!! Or one that you would like to Try, and just jump in and Do It! (okay, start Slow, and be sure to check first with your health-care practitioner). 

Start with baby steps if you have to.

--Park your car further away.

--Go for a quick (or slow!) 10 minute walk during your lunch break, or after work, to help wake you up and get energized. 

--Use the stairs instead of the elevator, or at least try walking part of the way. 

--Throw a ball around with a child. 

--Take a dog for a walk. 

--Support your local YMCA. Try a nearby community pool, or a lake or the ocean, and get in. Move your arms and legs around. Walk around. Join up with a partner or small group of people to do some gentle water aerobics.

Water is SO GOOD for Your Body! 

--Go to the mall and walk as much as you can. Do it 2 or 3 times a week and watch your progress! 

--Put some music on and dance, move, sway, stretch! 

--Ride a bicycle!

When was the last time that you have ridden? I just recently started riding again, and it is actually a blast. I got a second-hand, no-speed bike, and I Love It (no, not the one above)! I am close to our downtown area, where there is always something going on, and it is a nice, fun little ride! 

If you don't have a bike, or think that this is too much, check in your area for bike rentals. Look for the possibility of a 3-wheeler, for safety reasons and just getting used to it again! It may be seasonal where you are. Borrow one if you can! 

I personally prefer biking to walking, here in the south, because I get more of a breeze when riding, if it is hot out!

--Are you able to plant a little garden? It isn't strenuous, but it sure does entail some moving and stretching and bending and all.

And - BONUS! 'Free' Fresh fruit and veggies!  ; ]

If you cannot bend down, try a raised garden, or plant on an old table, or even a vertical garden, which I tried this year!

Fun and Rewarding! 

Do a Little More Each Day,


Not only in your Weight, 

but your General Health, Energy and Outlook! 

Essential oils for weight loss

We have a Great Page on the BEST Essential Oils that can help you with Weight Loss! 

Safe, Organic, Healthy and Healing Oils! 

Peppermint, Lemon, Orange, Rosemary, Cypress, and More! 

more weight loss resources

More Resources on our site for Helping with Weight Loss:

--Benefits of Raw Foods!

--Detox Diet? 

--Healthy Mediterranean Foods 

--Weight Loss With Penn Jillette!

--Foods For Healing Your Body Through Diet!

--Cucumbers For Health and Healing!

--Raw Apple Cider Vinegar

--Paraliminals - Meditation - Using Mind to Heal Body - All can help you with your weight loss goals!

Don't Lose Faith! 

Start Small, Slow, Easy,

and Just Keep At It!

You Can Do This!!

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