urine therapy for alternative health

I Know, right?

Did you say “GROSS”, too?! 

NEARLY EVERYONE thinks that Urine is

a Waste By-Product of our bodies,

including, Previously, Myself! 

Urine is actually a by-product of blood filtration,

Not waste filtration. 

Keep an Open Mind to what you are about to read about

urine therapy for health!

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My research has shown that The Truth about

alternative health urine therapy

is quite Intriguing -

that urine is a

Scientifically Proven,

Medically Documented,




All Persons,

All Dis-Eases

Urine Therapy, or UT, is also known as urotherapy, urinotherapy, uropathy, urophagia, and is included in the practices of auto-immune therapy and auto-therapy.  

Urine Therapy is the consumption or application of your own urine, for health, beauty or medicinal reasons. 

Auto-Therapy is the practice of using all “Self-Produced Substances to Heal Thyself”, meaning - people produce their own medicine. 

How much more Natural, Healing, State of the Art

and Economical can you get?!

components of urine

It is the components of urine that are beneficial, including: 

  • 95% water, 
  • 2.5% urea (which also makes up much of the amnionic fluid Breathed In by the fetus for almost 9 months!), 
  • urokinase (resembles nitroglycerin, dissolves blood clots) (Also widely used in Pharmaceutical Medicines!), 
  • metabolites and 
  • corticosteroids (used to treat inflammation). 

Making up the other 2.5% is a combination of

  • Many Vital Nutrients, including 
  • vitamins, minerals and mineral salts, 
  • enzymes, 
  • hormones (keeps ALL bodily processes in Balance), 
  • melatonin (powerful anti-cancer and calming agent), 
  • DHEA (fights aging, builds muscle, strengthens immune system), 
  • and antibodies that are uniquely made for us, a sort of Perfect self-vaccination.  

No two urine samples in the whole world have

the same exact components!

Ours is Uniquely Ours! 

Our own urine is, in fact, The Most Purified Parts of our bloodstream, after having been filtered already by the liver, which takes out the toxins as solid waste, and then on to the kidneys, already Purified. 

Our kidneys are wonderful balancers of water and nutrients in our bodies, and only excrete what we don’t need at the moment. This does not mean that it is waste, it means that you are already wonderfully balanced, and don’t need all of the components at this time. 

Of course, a healthy diet plays a big part in what gets into our bloodstream, and then immediately into our urine.

Garbage In, Garbage Out! 

Our own urine is actually Less Toxic and

More Sterile, Healthy and Alive

than Most Foods That We Consume! 

Really, if you are disgusted by the thought of re-using your own urine, and if you are a meat-eater, remember that the meat that you are consuming is comprised of Dead blood and bacteria, all aged to a tasty perfection. THAT'S What Makes It Taste 'Good'! 

Researchers have found that urine contains Thousands of known beneficial components, and more that they have not even been able to identify yet. 

Urine is an Amazing 

  • Antiseptic, 
  • Anti-Tumoral, 
  • Anti-Coagulant, 
  • Anti-Viral, 
  • Anti-Fungal, 
  • Anti-Spasmodic, 
  • Anti-Convulsive, 
  • Anti-Biotic 

Life Enhancer. 

Who Knew?! 

From Coen van der Kroon’s book, Golden Fountain: The Complete Guide to Urine Therapy (believe it or not, so 'rare' and popular on Amazon that it costs a bit to buy one!): 

“Urine therapy confronts us with a very concrete 'healer within' which works both on a mechanistic and on an energetic level. The latter implies that urine, as a holographic substance, can affect all levels of being, from the physical, through the electro-magnetical fields of the emotions and the mind, up to the subtler genetic vibrational information of the soul. In this sense urine therapy can be verily seen as one of the divine manifestations of cosmic intelligence. Thus the ancient name Shivambu Kalpa, a name and a therapy to be treated with appropriate respect". 

Shivambu Shastra, respected for thousands of years as the "Mother of Ayurvedic Medicine”.

Shivambu means literally "Water of Shiva” (Supreme Being).

From Natalia Perera’s article ‘Healing with Urine Therapy’:

“Its "method of drinking urine for rejuvenation" is outlined in the Shivambu Kalpa Vidhi, part of a 5,000-year-old document called the Damar Tantra, linking this practice back to the Vedas, the sacred Hindu texts. Self-urine therapy has been seen as one of the divine manifestations of cosmic intelligence, and has been used as such by Indian yogis to unleash kundalini up to their third eye.”

Van der Kroon also suggested that urine therapy can help restructure DNA that has been ‘disturbed’.

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alternative medicine urine therapy

Modern medicine is constantly inventing new pharmaceutical drugs to keep up with all of the new viruses, bacterias and cancers that are discovered ( or Invented!! ), and yet …. we seem to have Our Most Potent CURE, right with us, at all times, Free of Charge. 

We will spend a Ton of money on items to make us look younger, feel younger, feel Better, for drugs that may or may not help us, more often than not, making us Sicker,

and yet we are disgusted at the thought of drinking our own urine, which is heavily documented to be Sterile and have EveryThing that we need to Be and Stay Healthy.

A little Ironic, don’t you think?

You would think that such a PERFECT Elixir of Life for All of Us, would be more Widely Known and Utilized?!

Normally I would say, well, the pharmaceutical companies can’t make a dime off of our own bodily fluids, that’s why it is not more advertised, but guess what! 

Pharmaceutical companies make

BILLIONS of dollars in Profits

with Many different kinds of drugs

Made From Urine Constituents! 


Premarin, the estrogen used for menopause relief, is made of pregnant mare's urine. 

Fertility drugs, blood clot dissolvers, ear drops (M-urine), skin creams (Eucirin), all can contain components of urine. 

The most expensive creams and lotions you use? May contain urea, Known to be one of the Best Moisturizers in the world! 

Urea is a widely-used, FDA-approved Medicine.

who does  this?! 
urine therapy testimonials

Urine therapy has been practiced for many thousands of years by several ancient cultures, including in Egypt, China, India, and in the Middle Ages in Europe. 

For That Matter, It Actually has been Utilized for As Long as man has been on This Planet! 

Not-to-mention the many times that urino-therapy appears in the Bible! 

Such as ... ‘Drink water from your own cistern, flowing water from your own well’ (Book of Proverbs 5:15). 

Jesus was also heard to have said: 

"If you believe in me, you will never thirst... Rivers of living water shall flow from your bellies.." - (John 7:38) He taught his followers how to use their own urine!

And how do you think they survived ’40 days and 40 nights’ in the Desert?! 

In ancient Rome, they used urine for whitening their teeth.

The French aristocratic women would bathe in urine to keep their skin beautiful!  

The French were also known to cure their strep throat by soaking their stockings in urine and wrapping them around their necks. 

In Mexico, poor farmers would make poultices mixed with urine to mend broken bones. 

Soldiers in the Foreign Legion were told to rub their urine into their skin to protect them from and build up a tolerance to diseases. 

A number of famous people have been known to re-use their own urine. 

Madonna, probably the best known user in the U.S., told David Letterman years ago that she used it to cure her athlete's foot problem. 

British actress Sarah Miles has drank her own urine for over 30 years, claiming many health benefits, including for her allergies. 

Author J.D. Salinger re-used his own urine.

The 1978 Prime Minister of India, Moraji Desai, a long-time practitioner (lived 99+ healthy years!), said that it was a 'perfect medical solution' for the poor people of India. Desai also spoke to Dan Rather on 60 Minutes about urine therapy.

Ghandi drank his urine while in prison. 

Tom Brokaw reported on the NBC Nightly News in 1992: “In Egypt, rescue workers found a 37-year-old man alive in earthquake rubble. He survived almost 82 hours by drinking his own urine. His wife, daughter and mother would not and they died.” 

World travelers swear by it’s ability to strengthen their immune system and  protect them from jet-lag, foreign bugs, viruses and venom.

From a naturopath: ”Urine - Why not? It's sterile, it's pure and it's filtered. It's better than bottled water. It's free.”

Many have rubbed their eyes with their own urine and healed any diseases of the eye. 

And, ask anyone who has ever been stranded long-term, anywhere, with ‘no food or water’, how did they survive? There are survival stories using urine everywhere. 

Militaries around the world teach soldiers to drink their own urine if they are stranded with no water.

A common folk remedy for jellyfish stings is to urinate on it, although this has been proven to activate something that may make the pain worse! 

Your Plants will LOVE a bit of Urine therapy! It will supercharge your plants, but always use diluted!

Urine Generators are being utilized in the poorest of countries. “6 hours of power on one liter of pee”!  (And the idea was developed by a group of 14 year old kids in Lagos, Nigeria!) 

Urine as an Alternative Energy! Clean and Green Power! 

How Cool is That?! 

Homeopathy and urine therapy have very comparable principles in the using of minute amounts to heal and the ‘Law of Similar’s’. 

Same with allergy remedies, they introduce a small amount of the allergen back into the body in order for it to produce the correct antibodies.  

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And what do you think about all of those old famous statues and fountains with cherubs and babies and other things, peeing into the water? 

The Fountain of Youth right under our noses? 

The Holy Grail? 

The Life Force? 

One theorist on the subject says it all… wacky as it may seem…. (sorry I don’t know his/her name):

“I'll tell you why it's called the "fountain of youth" as well. When people fast for 30 days on just urine, not only do they vaporize WHATEVER illness they had, but also by the time they are done with the fast they lose 20-30 years in appearance!!! In the more than 20 books available on the subject, there are over 1000 case histories of what happens to people when they do this, and over and over again, without fail, this is EXACTLY what happens to people who dip their cup into the... "fountain of youth.”

“Speaking of dipping your cup! Nobody needs to look any further for "THE HOLY GRAIL." There is no such thing as "THE" holy grail. Let me explain... Do you remember why anybody would like to find the holy grail? Well, it is said that long life and full health will come to anyone who drinks from the holy grail. Those are the EXACT benefits of drinking urine!!! The hidden joke is that it's not the cup that's magical, it's whats in the cup! You can never find "THE" holy grail because ANY cup or vessel or grail can become "A" holy grail if you start dipping it into the "FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH!!!!!" So there is no such singular item as "THE" holy grail. “

urine therapy benefits

The list of benefits to drinking your own urine is So Long, that it is easier to say that there is just about NO disease, cause of disease or symptom that you might have, that cannot be Miraculously healed by using your own urine! 


If this subject is still a bit squeamish to you (but you Have read This Far….good!), here’s a few thoughts: 

  • Urine is Literally Sterile 
  • There are actually VAST Amounts of Documentation PROVING urine’s Amazing Healing Abilities
  • ‘no negative or harmful effects’
  • There is almost Nothing that urine therapy can’t / won’t Cure!

I know all of this may be beginning to sound like a lot of b.s., but from all that I have been reading, and a good amount that is, the list of issues that drinking your own urine can not just help but CURE, is almost Endless. 

And converts are wacky over sharing what it has done for them, how they are using it, and describing the current taste (because it changes with health and diet!) of their urine. 

There is also Much More Information on how the Vibrations of it all, become more in tune with the healer within, the conditions of your body, working on an energetic level to heal… solid crystals and liquid crystals and opening the pineal gland and transmutations and liquid holograms and restructuring DNA and all…. 

May be subject for another page…!! 

; ] 

urine therapy side effects

Urine therapy is most beneficial if your diet contains no alcohol, tobacco products, coffee, junk foods & meat. At the least, keep these to a minimum!

We know the list of side effects from pharmaceutical drugs can be a mile long...

There are pretty much NO side effects whatsoever with drinking your own urine. For best results, however, you are encouraged to maintain a healthy diet, lots of fresh greens, cut down on alcohol, tobacco, caffeine and meat, sugars and processed foods. 

And it seems like it can only be detrimental if you take too many legal or illegal drugs, supplements, and such, as you don’t want to Poison yourself! 

Keep in mind that the curing and healing process is going to be clearing out Years of sludge and contaminants from your veins, your systems, your body, and there is a chance that you will feel worse before you feel Better. You may start having headaches and flu-like symptoms while your body is detoxing, but this is not normal for most people starting urine therapy. Just be aware if you are in bad shape to begin with!

The Vast Majority seem to agree that there are Virtually No Side Effects, but it is not recommended to be on a lot of drugs when trying urine therapy!  

**You Know that I am not prescribing anything to you,

this is all for informational and educational purposes only,

and always check with your health care professional

before starting any new therapy!** 

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how to begin urine therapy

Start at your own pace, however small or slow. 

Morning urine contains the most vital nutrients, but will be stronger tasting. Midstream is best, as the beginning will be clearing out huge amounts of what has accumulated through the night, and the end of stream is also cleansing. 

Eating a lot of fruit beforehand seems to change the urine into an … almost ‘enjoyable’?! ….  sweet tasting elixir. 

According to numerous people! 

**Remember This: If you are turned off by a strong sour or pungent odor or taste, keep in mind that THIS is what is Flowing through Your Veins, and is what Your Body is 'feeding' on!

Urine should Not be offensive smelling or tasting! 

Meats and dairy products make our urine smell and taste strong. 

It’s not necessary to drink excessively large amounts of water, as this will only dilute the properties of the urine. 

Again, there should not be any repulsive odor or taste, it is All YOU, (and maybe it is time to make some diet changes!) 

Start slowly, give your mind and body time to adjust to the thought of it all! 

Put a drop or two of urine on something on your skin that you would like to change… wrinkle, mole, spots, abrasion. It’s said to be great for eczema, psoriasis, burns or acne. Do it a few times a day, if you want / need to. I started by putting a drop on a wrinkle! 

There are endless External uses for your urine, if the thought of drinking it is that bad! Try it in your hair or on your skin or on Any area that you have an issue with. 

Eyes, ears, nose, teeth, gums, some brush or gargle with it, some bathe in it, some wash with it, some use it as an enema …endless uses! 

Some people start by putting a drop on their tongue, or under it. You can also put a drop or two of urine into a glass of water, to begin with. 

Whatever you need to do, you can start as slow or fast as you want, although jumping right into drinking a cup is not really recommended, for many reasons! 

You want to be sure that you have been eating healthy, and Prescription or Recreational Drugs in your system is A Very Bad Idea, as you could possibly Poison Yourself! 

Strong herbal teas, spices, animal proteins, and illness will make your urine smell and taste stronger, so you may want to adjust! 

Start with a tiny sip, if you need to. I guess I got brave in a hurry, after putting a couple of drops on wrinkles, then a drop on my tongue, as well as smelling it, then I went ahead and tried a sip. A Small sip. Then another, then another. Can’t say it was horrible, just warm and barely slightly salty tasting. 

But I did gag a bit on the third sip!  

; ]  

As in “…WTF Am I Doing??!” 

(Guess what… You get over it!) 

It is okay to mix your urine with a small bit of liquid, like juice, if You need to, at the beginning. 

After this, there are varying degrees of what people recommend to drink. Again, you do want to be sure and have the cleanest body that you can have. And the morning urine is best for maximum nutrients, (but all day long is also fine), and midstream is best. 

People in other countries drink some urine all day long. I don’t think I could do that. But I am willing to try a bit more everyday - I mean, WHO doesn’t want to look 20 years younger?! And be as Healthy as Possible, maybe like our Creator and Universe set us up to BE?! 

Urine gets more pure and sterile the more you re-use it. 

There are Many Claims that there are 

Many Amazing Things 

that come out of this practice….

urine therapy for cancer

Uric acid is known to Destroy cancer causing free radicals. Because of it’s anti-tumoral ability, urea is being used in cancer drugs and is being extensively studied. 

Urotherapy is used in some alternative healing cancer clinics in poorer parts of Mexico.

Even the American Cancer Society does not disagree with all of the claims, just claiming studies are 'inconclusive'!

Since the AIDS anti-bodies are found in urine, it has also been effective in treating AIDS, as well as most cancers. 

Ayurvedic healing, an old Hindu tradition based on the balance of bodily systems using herbs, breathing and diet, along with other ancient Healers, believe that mixing your urine with water can ‘cure cancers’ and other diseases, when used along with a healthy diet consisting of fruit and other raw foods. This is based on the fact that we excrete antigens, used to produce antibodies, and re-ingesting them may help to create antibodies within ourselves. 

T-cell numbers are shown to improve after urine therapy. 

Melatonin found in urine also has powerful anti-cancer abilities. 

Many cultures would not / can not go through radiation or chemotherapy or even surgery. Urine therapy has much historical documentation on it’s ability to kill the cancerous cells and prevent them from spreading, all while strengthening the immune system and shortening the periods of illness. 

The urea in our urine is what prevents cancer cells from grouping together by disrupting their metabolic activity. 

urine therapy for weight loss

Urine therapy is best used for weight loss along with a water fast. Detoxing this way renews the nutrients lost when we try to diet.  

Urine therapy is not really known for weight loss as much as it is for being a natural detoxifier or cleanser. While eating healthy, green, raw foods along with this, I don’t see how you can Not lose weight! 

Urotherapy can also normalize any diarrhea or constipation, so that would contribute to more balanced digestive abilities.

Remember, a Healthy body will naturally return to it’s normal weight! Re-using urine will help to keep everything in balance.

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urine therapy for arthritis

Urine therapy for arthritis was also popular with older cultures. Urine is rubbed into the hands or parts affected, and left to dry.

This stimulates the anti-inflammatory abilities of urine.

Urine also corrects the imbalances in your immune system that is making it attack your joints. 

urine therapy for skin

The expensive creams and lotions you use? May contain urea, Known to be one of the Best Moisturizers in the world! 

Using urine therapy for clearing acne is well practiced. 

Drinking is not the only popular use for urine -  people love to rub it into their hair for light and sheen and Original Color, for curing dandruff, maybe even baldness - for massaging it into their skin for baby softness (9 mths in utero, remember?!) and Healing of whatever aches and pains you may have. 

Believers in the beautifying aspect of it will bathe in it. 

People rub their urine into their eyes to heal all kinds of vision issues, including glaucoma, cataracts, floaters, blindness. 

urine therapy articles

There is So Much More to Learn about this Amazing, Miraculous …. Gift …. and it is Certainly an ALTERNATIVE Way To Heal Your Body, Mind and Soul! 

Here are a couple of great articles that I came across: 

For some in-depth info, I learned a lot from this man, Master Mantak Chia of Thailand, “…number 18 of the 100 most Spiritually Influential People in The Watkins Review 2012”, as well as a Quigong Master. 

Complete Guide Urine Therapy    

Urine Love - by Stanley Young  (1994 article, from M.I.T.)

urine therapy books

There seems to be (surprise!) a number of highly rated books on the subject of healing with urine therapy.

You can find some of the best here. 

urine therapy to cure

“Western science admits it has no known reason for the body to die besides the simple fact of toxic overload.”

We are all aware that toxins are flooding our air, our water, our food, our land, our animals, our people, planet and Universe. 

Another theory is that our bodies die because our intestines become so clogged with a lifetime of bad food and chemicals, that any nutrients we take in are Not Getting To Where They Need To Go, and we are basically ‘starving’ ourselves (of nutrition) to death. 

Either way, it’s a tough way to die!  

Re-using urine seems to be a phenomenal way to not only cleanse our arteries and veins, but our lungs and heart and stomachs and intestines and skin, and, well, it seems like the healing constituents of urine renew each and every cell in our body! 

There is basically Nothing, that I have found so far,

that urine therapy will not cure! 

Back To The Top

Researching urine therapy has sure opened up my eyes to how Even More Amazing that I think Our Bodies are!! 

Wellness IS Our Natural Tendency,

it is US that keeps getting in our own way! 

Homeostasis is ‘Body In Balance’ !

This is what each and every cell in our bodies (all gazillion of them!) begins it’s life to do, be healthy and well!

They all want back to their state of Natural Health!

But we get Inundated with doctor talk and pharmaceutical companies advertising on television and online, (Illegal in Most Countries, you know!),

so it is no surprise that we think that another pill or operation or procedure will ‘fix' us. 

I always encourage you to read, research, and be open-minded enough to try to Think Outside of The Box, use your Intuition and Inner Guidance, pray if you must, Ask your body and your inner source what is right for you to try. 

And, again, I HAVE to Say, that You Of Course Should Not Follow Blindly what Information that I have presented here on this Website,

(Presented with an Open Mind and Heart that Just KNOWS That There Are SO MANY MORE Affordable and Healthier Ways To HEAL Ourselves).

(Without Doctors or Drugs). 

(Just Sayin’). 

Consult with your own health care practitioner.

And Assume Responsibility For Your Own Actions, Good And Bad. 

Health is Our Natural Right.

Be Healthy. Be Happy. Be Well! 

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