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  • Home Alternative Healing Alternatives to Doctors and Drugs! Alternative healing can change the way that you think about your health by getting to the root cause of your issues!


          Can Art And Music Therapy Heal Your Body? - Art and music therapy has made its way from alternative therapy into some mainstream medical centers and hospitals.

          Using Music As Therapy As A Tool For Healing! - Researchers have discovered that using music as therapy can be quite effective for healing.  Find out why.

          How Paraliminals Can Heal You! - If you’ve ever listened to recordings designed for relaxation or meditation, you probably have some idea of what paraliminals are all about, even if you have never listened to one.

          Is THIS Nature's Most Perfect Medicine?! - Or the Fountain of Youth?! 

          Meditation Made Easy! - Easy Ways To Get The Healing Benefits Of Meditation

          Magnetic Therapy Benefits - Alternative health magnetic therapy, magnetic bracelets and various other magnet-containing products are often advertised on TV and in magazines. But do they Work?

          Bach Flower Remedies for Healing - Discover the Powerful Healing Ways of Bach Flower Remedies!

          S.A.D. Light Therapy Box - Can Light Therapy Help Manage SAD or Major Depressive Disorder?


          Herbal Remedies For Anxiety That Really Work! - Some home and herbal remedies for anxiety are only marginally helpful, but I have found some that really work well.

          Herbal Remedies For Arthritis To Stop The Pain - There are quite a few herbal remedies for arthritis that can stop your pain in its tracks. We’ll help you find the one that works best for you.

          Herbal Remedies For Constipation That Are Easy On Your SystemHerbal remedies for constipation could help a large number of people get the relief they need.

          Herbal Sleep Remedies That Soothe You To Sleep! - Herbal sleep remedies are a great alternative to prescription and over-the-counter medications to help you sleep.


          Why Homeopathy Is A Better Way To Heal Your Body - The premise of homeopathic health care is very simple, which is probably one of the main reasons why the alternative treatment is so effective.

          Top Homeopathic Cold Remedies - Before you reach for over-the-counter drugs, you may want to try these homeopathic cold remedies first.

          Best Homeopathic Remedies For Anxiety - Believe it or not, homeopathic remedies for anxiety are often more effective than most drugs and medications that you could get from your doctor.

          Homeopathic Acne Treatment Options - Before you reach for chemical solutions, you may want to try a natural homeopathic acne treatment instead.

          Why Homeopathy Works for Healing - Homeopathy is perhaps one of the most fascinating types of alternative healing medicine. Learn why homeopathy works.

          Homeopathy Alternative Medicine Gains Popularity - Traditional Western medicinal practices have lost some popularity over the past few years and homeopathic alternative healing medicine has become popular.


          Mediterranean Diet Health Benefits - The Mediterranean diet benefits have long been studied as a way of eating which can benefit heart health and, for that matter, overall health.

          Mediterranean Diet Foods That Boost Healing - Studies have shown that Mediterranean diet foods can help your body to heal itself. Learn why.

          What Is A Detox Diet And Why You Should Try One! - What is a detox diet that makes it so necessary in today’s world?  Our modern world is a highly toxic environment. We all feel like we need to ‘detox’ every so often.

          Detox Diet Plan For Better Health And Healing - A detox diet plan isn’t just about dropping a few unwanted pounds; it can also give you more energy, clearer skin, improved digestion and a feeling of overall well-being!

          Eating Raw Foods vs Cooked Foods: Which Is Better? - Eating raw foods and adopting raw food diets are trends that are becoming more popular than they’ve ever been.

          Raw Food Diet Benefits - Raw food diet benefits are being touted by many people lately. Apart from keeping them lean and energized, raw food is also incredibly important for maintaining optimal health. 

             100 Cucumber Secrets! - Discover the amazing health benefits of cucumbers! 

          Raw Organic Apple Cider Vinegar Benefits For Healing! - You won't believe the amount of healing benefits that raw apple cider vinegar has for your health! 

              Weight Loss With Penn Jillette - Penn Jillette's magic weight loss secret? Would you believe - potatoes?!


  • Best Essential Oils For Healing - Using the best essential oils for healing is a great way to help repair your body when you are experiencing an ailment or an injury of some kind.

          Best Essential Oil For Bacteria and Viruses - Which is the Best essential oil for bacteria, viruses, colds and flu?

          Best Essential Oils For Migraines - Essential oils for migraines can be such life-savers because, unfortunately, migraines happen at the worst times, usually when we are most over-worked and stressed out.

          Essential Oils For The Skin To Keep You Looking Great! -Expensive creams filled with synthetic chemicals may deliver some skincare benefits, but these essential oils for the skin are much better choices for healthy skin!

          Using Essential Oils For Anxiety Treatment - If you are looking for an essential oil for anxiety treatment, you will find that there are many great options to choose from.

          Favorite Essential Oils For Pain Relief! - You may be surprised that essential oils for pain relief can work as well or better than over-the-counter or prescription drugs.

          Best Essential Oils For Weight Loss! - The Best PROVEN Essential Oils For Weight Loss, (also known as Edible Essential Oils!)


  • Using Mind To Heal Body! - Learn how to use the Power of your Mind to Heal your Body of Any illness, disease or condition!

          Healing With Law Of Attraction - Healing yourself using the law of attraction and the power of your mind!

          Abraham-Hicks on Health, Healing and Law of Attraction - Heal Yourself and Create Abundance and Happiness with Abraham!

          Meditation Made Easy! - Easy Ways To Get The Healing Benefits Of Meditation

          Best Health and Law Of Attraction Resources for Healing -My Best and Favorite Law of Attraction books, cds, dvds for Health,  Healing and Growth!

          How Paraliminals Can Heal You - An Easier way to Meditate?!


  • Alternative Healing In The News - Alternative Healing and Natural Health In The News! Keep up with the latest news, articles and research on ways to heal alternatively!



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