How Paraliminals Can Heal You

If you’ve ever listened to recordings designed for relaxation or meditation, you probably have some idea of what paraliminals are all about, even if you’ve never heard the word before.


Really Can


You To 


Chances are that you’re aware of the many benefits that meditation and other relaxation techniques can have for mental, emotional and physical health; they are tools which are designed to make it easier and faster for users to achieve the state of deep relaxation characteristic of meditation.

Paraliminals are a good fit for our hectic lifestyles.

Some meditation techniques take time and effort to achieve. We don’t all have the freedom in our schedule to take an hour or two to get into a deep meditative state so that we can enjoy the benefits – that’s where these recordings come in.

Instead of taking an hour or more, these tools allow us to enjoy the same kind of mental relaxation in a fraction of the time, sometimes only about 20 minutes.

Just because you have a busy schedule

doesn't mean that you can't

reap the rewards of


What Are Paraliminals, Exactly?

Ancient civilizations used the healing power of sound vibrations. You will be tapping into this power when listening to these recordings.

Paraliminals are stereo recordings which feature a separate voice in the right and left channels; for this reason, it is best to listen to them on headphones rather than over a set of speakers, although speakers are okay too. 

Don’t confuse these with subliminals, which are designed to deliver a message to the subconscious part of your mind.

Instead, they have distinct messages which are delivered to you in a different way, targeting specific areas in both hemispheres of your brain.

Each channel has a different frequency, but together, these dual frequencies can produce binaural beats, from the Holosync technology incorporated from Centerpointe Research Institute.

These dual frequencies are incredibly helpful

at producing a state of deep relaxation.

Your brainwaves are attuned to the proper wavelength for the best results.

With paraliminals, you first relax with calming sounds or music, as a voice is increasingly bringing you into a deeper state. It may be giving you instructions, visualizations, or advice, which you can hear and are aware of. Then another voice kicks in, and you are hearing different sounds or voices in each ear. Sometimes they overlap or alternate ears. Don’t try too hard to follow, just relax and listen and absorb!

The more you listen to them, the more your inner mind starts to make positive changes in your life!

These recordings can include affirmations which help you to put yourself in the proper mindset for healing.

Our bodies are amazing creations and we have incredible natural healing capabilities, but sometimes we need to reaffirm this to ourselves – we have to BELIEVE IN OUR ABILITY TO HEAL in order for our bodies to be able to take over and begin (or accelerate) the healing process!

Mind and Body HEALING

Our bodies and minds are parts of an inseparable whole and when our minds are fully engaged in healing, so are our bodies.

Paraliminals can be an amazing part of this process of mental and physical integration in the pursuit of health and wellness.

You can quickly learn to get rid of negative energies such as fear, worry, stress, addictions, and become more focused and present in the moment.

Personal development ‘gurus’ such as Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup for the Soul guy), Brian Tracy and Tony Robbins endorse and use these paraliminals. 

Learn more about Learning Strategies Corporation and their co-founder Paul Scheele, the voice that you most often hear on the recordings, right here

I LOVE My Paraliminals,

and have a Whole Collection of them!

There is an audio available (digital or on CD),

on pretty much Any Subject

that you may need help or improvement on!

Tap YOUR Inner Resources

and Put the



to Work

to HEAL 

Your Body, Mind, and Spirit


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These are some of my very favorite paraliminals, and they are All GREAT for Healing, Mind, Body and Soul! 

Happy For No Reason

Happy For No Reason, by Marci Shimoff has always been one of my very favorites. Marci Shimoff has such a beautiful voice, and I love listening to her! 

Our main motivation in life for the things that we do, is that we believe that doing or wanting or getting something will make us Happy. Getting a new toy, a new job, house or spouse, may make us temporarily happy, but there will always be something else to gripe about. 

True Happiness and Well-Being is our Natural State. Being so Happy that it just bubbles up and oozes out of you, IS Possible!

But most people have it Backwards. Getting Something will not bring Lasting Happiness, but Lasting Happiness is what BRINGS All Goodness To Us!! Being Happy For No Reason! 

Being Happy raises our physical and emotional vibrations so that it Attracts good things to us, over and over again! 

This is just such a Great Recording that, after listening for a few days in a row, it will absolutely have an affect on your daily attitudes, raising your emotions until you just can't help but Feel GOOD!

You can get your own copy of Happy For No Reason here!

(For every 3 Paraliminals that you purchase through Learning Strategies, you receive the 4th one Free!)

10-Minute Supercharger 

10-Minute Supercharger is a great paraliminal for whenever you need a Quick pick-me-up, at work or school, first thing in the morning, or in place of a nap. It can be used instead of more caffeine or sugar, which will just have your body crash in a short while. 

10-Minute Supercharger will help revitalize you before a big test, interview, ball game, anytime you may need to focus and be energized. It can help to clear a cluttered mind and and become laser-focused.

It will help you to relax the stress in your body, while giving you energy to tackle what comes next! In only 10 minutes a day! 

I Love the 10-Minute Supercharger recording! 

(For every 3 Paraliminals that you purchase through Learning Strategies, you receive the 4th one Free!)

Self-Esteem Supercharger

Another Love of mine, the Self-Esteem Supercharger! 

Every-Body has low self-esteem at some point or another. It is very energy-draining, to not feel good about yourself! 

This Self-Esteem Supercharger paraliminal has Definitely made changes for the (Much!) Better in My Life!  

If you can Just Listen and Relax and Let It, this recording can help you to make some Serious Life Changes!

It can help to remove the negativity involved with other people and things, while building up your motivation and willpower and even the stamina to go forward and be successful! 

You will discover more energy, creativity, self-worth and Far More Acceptance of Yourself as the Quality Human Being that You Are!! 

The Self-Esteem Supercharger Paraliminal is one of my all-time Favorites!

(For every 3 Paraliminals that you purchase through Learning Strategies, you receive the 4th one Free!)


Another of my Very Favorite paraliminal recordings! 

Draw Abundance and Prosperity into ANY Area of Your Life! 

Prosperity means much more than 

just having more money or 'success'. 

At the beginning of this recording, you are instructed to choose an area of your life that you would like to be more prosperous in. 

Is your health not up to par? Are you fighting with some Dis-Ease in your body (or mind, or emotions)? Do you have a relationship that needs improving? Are you looking for a new house, a new job, or car? 

State your intention, then just relax and Listen, as the sounds and voices take you to an inner, relaxing place, where the Source of all goodness is ready and listening to you! 

It's never too late to become a Prosperous You, using the immense power of your mind! 

The Prosperity paraliminal recording can take you wherever you want to go! 

(For every 3 Paraliminals that you purchase through Learning Strategies, you receive the 4th one Free!)

Spring Forest Qigong

Do you have: 

  • Pain in your Body - Head, Neck, Back - Arthritis, Joint Pain
  • Weight Problems
  • Anxiety - Depression - Mental Disorders - Stress
  • Autoimmune Disorder
  • Lung, Heart, Kidney, Stomach Issues
  • Cancer

Spring Forest Qigong is an ancient Chinese practice, taught here by the Master Chunyi Lin. Qigong works with the body's own energy, called Qi, or Chi (pronounced 'chee'). 

By moving the Qi through your body, you can heal yourself of many ailments, by removing blockages and allowing your body's own natural healing energy to flow. 

Spring Forest Qigong utilizes easy to follow methods of controlled breathing, focused concentration, and simple movements. 

Spring Forest Qigong is endorsed by many, many respected medical establishments, as well as having thousands of successful testimonials.

You can learn a lot more about this Amazing program, Spring Forest Qigong, right here. 

Highly, Highly Recommended! 

Just a couple more of the recordings that I personally Own and LOVE and listen to Often!: 

Automatic Pilot - "Eliminate Negative Self-Talk and Vaporize Self-Sabotage"! 

Deep Relaxation - "Enter the Deepest State of Relaxation Imaginable" 

Focus and Concentration - "Accomplish More In Less Time with Focal Point Thinking"! 

Living the Law of Attraction - One of my Favorites at the moment! "Consistently Attract the Good, Positive, and Extraordinary"!

Remember, when you buy Three through Learning Strategies, you get the Fourth one FREE! 


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