mind-body power
to heal your body!

Mind-Body Healing!

Use The POWER of Your Mind To HEAL Your Body! 

Using Your Mind 

in Healing Your Body

is the Greatest Power You Can Have!

There are So Many studies, research, tests and

Thousands of Years of Proof that

Our Minds are So Much More Powerful

than we give them credit for!

I don’t know if it is a true statement or not, that we only use 10% of our brain power?

Hard to believe.

Think about it.

WHAT IS the Other 90% ?? 

If 10% is our conscious, working mind, then 90% (approximately!) must be our Sub-Conscious Mind. 

Which, in my opinion, seems like our subconscious, or our intuition, our inner beings, inner selves, our vibrational level of being... is SO Much Larger and seems to be the Vast Majority of Our 'Being'....then we would be Wise to put this Power to Work For Us, no? 

I DO Know that there is Much, Much, MUCH More that We Can Do, On Our Own, Healing Ourselves Without doctors or drugs. 

I have believed for a lot of years that we are Much More Capable as a Human Being Being Human than we take advantage of.

We are So Strong, Intelligent, Intuitive,

if we just Relax and Let It In.

Women, Listen Up!

Strong. Capable. Intuitive. Intelligent.

Happy. Healthy. Wealthy. 

WE Are!

And it IS Possible for SO Much More!

Start with the following!




Read On! 

just breathe!

Mind-Body Power Begins with BREATHING!

If you are one that says ‘I just can’t meditate', 'I can’t stop my thoughts', 'I just can't relax or focus or calm down or find time or.....’  

Don't worry, that is very common.

There are other ways to quiet your mind to heal your body, but please begin here, and give the process a chance!  

Find a place to sit quietly. Outdoors is a great place to be, and by water if possible, as water is a wonderful calming agent.

Or lock yourself in a room with a sign on the door if you have to. Put on headphones or noise-cancelling headset if you have some.

Set a timer if you need to, a minimum of 10 or 15 minutes, preferably 20-30.

Close your eyes. Hands by your side, or on your lap. 

Take a deep, clearing breath through your mouth, and release slowly through your nose.

One more deep breath, slowly.

One more.

After only 3 deep breaths, you should start to feel a bit lighter.

Don’t concern yourself when thoughts come rushing in, as they will and do, because don’t we train our minds to stay busy and on top of things, thinking ahead of itself almost?

It’s okay to have a racing mind, that is normal!

The goal is to work on Controlling, Being In Control Of - the Quieting of Your Mind and Body. 

Keep deep breathing as long as you can, focusing on your breaths, in and out, in and out.  

If you can, do this as soon as you wake up in the morning, to start your day off on a positive flow.

Try it on your lunch break, or mid-afternoon, late afternoon, to both Calm and Energize Your Body.

Do it before bed to help with a more Deep and Restful Sleep! 

More on starting out meditating on my page here! 

mind-body power!

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If you can make this a daily practice, It Will Help Tremendously with the Healing Of Your Body, down to your Cellular Level!

Breathing in calming energies is one of the Greatest things that you can do for your body and health and life-span! 

When you have a little practice, start breathing more deeply and slowly in, and visualize the healing energies of the universe coming in... and the unwanted.... going Out.

You were born to be healthy and happy.

Wellness is our Birthright!

A healthy and happy body will settle in to it’s natural healing rhythm and weight. 

This simple act of deep breathing or meditating is an important beginning step to healing your body, naturally, without medications!  


Anxiety, stress, panic attacks, anxiety attacks, symptoms of depression and substance abuse, compulsions, phobias, fears, abuse, insomnia and sleep disorders, can all be Eased by this Simple Act of Deep Breathing.

Be Aware of Your Breath - Focus on your breath going in and out, to help slow down your pulse, your heart rate, and calm the racing thoughts. 

Be mindful of the Actual Moment of Now, which is REALLY ALL That You Have, NOW.

How Do You FEEL, NOW??! 

It’s Not Easy to Focus on the Actual Moment of Now, Listening to the Silence Between The Thoughts, but it Truly is All that you have, right?! 

And Now Creates Tomorrow.

Wouldn’t it be So Much Nicer with a Calm, Clear, Focused Mind and Healthy Body??! 

Try, Just One Thought At A Time, to bring a Healthier Thought to the Forefront, of Health and Healing, rather than illness and sickness.

One Thought At A Time.

You are More Powerful than you give yourself credit for. 

USE Your Mind-Body Power! 

Breathe On... Read On.... 

easier than meditating?!

Another way to very easily relax, meditate, heal or energize your body, is one of my most favorite ways, using Paraliminal recordings.

There are a wide variety of Paraliminal recordings to choose from - for healing, deep meditation, deep relaxation, losing weight, releasing fears, for health and prosperity.

I have listened to my paraliminals for Years, and Love the effect that they have on me!

Basically, you wear headphones (preferably) and listen to a different voice in each ear, talking to the opposite side of your brain. 

Paraliminals are VERY Beneficial for Healing Quickly. 

Mind. Body. Soul. Spirit. Life.

Mind-Body Power. 


You can find more information on paraliminal recordings on this page! 

How to relax and calm mind and body

What Makes You Happy??! 

REALLY Happy? 

Do More Of It!!

Play or listen to some music. 

Go outdoors.

Play ball with a child. 

Play with a baby, see how much they like to laugh and giggle?! They just got here, they don’t know yet that people get grumpier as they age! 

We lose the Magic, the Imagination, the Dreaming as we age …. When did your last dream come true?? 

Pet your cat, or dog. 

Think of a Happy Time in your Life.

Who makes you happy?

Sit by a body of water, Water is a Natural Inspirer and Calmer! 

Go sit under a tree. 

Hug it if you feel like it!

Sit in the sun. 

Or under the Moon. 

Open your eyes and count how many beautiful or interesting or

special or miraculous things that you see. 

Pay Attention. 

What Is Happening Around You? 

Good Stuff Happens 

Daily, Hourly, Moment by Moment. 

Be Still.




Create it Inside Of Yourself if you don’t have it Outside of Yourself.

 Really, the Truth Is, that you HAVE to

Be Peaceful and Happy INSIDE

before you will ever see it Outside!

Feel the Love that is around you. 

It IS There. 

Let yourself FEEL IT. 

Breathe It In.  




Go Outside and find your little patch of Nature. 

Face the sun, or moon, and Breathe in Deeply the Goodness. 

Now go into your day and carry that good feeling with you, and watch what happens. 

Things will begin to line up for you. 

People will be nicer. 

You’ll get that good parking space. 

You’ll find a penny (or more!). 

Some One will Smile at you. 

Life is smiling on you. 

Quiet yourself and FEEL It. 

; ] 

Breathe in the goodness.

Be Happy.


; ] 

Read on to learn about the Law of Attraction,

another part of this Amazing Healing Process! 

Mind-Body Healing IS POWERFUL.

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