meditation made easy!

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We've all heard, or have been told, that we should meditate. 

(Or maybe it's just Me who keeps telling people

that they should meditate!) 

The Many, Many Benefits of meditation cannot be ignored. And it's a perfect subject to come under Alternative Healing, because: 

  1. It doesn't have to cost anything to perform
  2. The majority of people around can't, or won't, try it
  3. It can, and Does, have Incredible Health Benefits
  4. It's Cool to say you meditate! 

health benefits of meditation

There are innumerable health benefits to meditating daily. 

  • Calm minds and bodies and souls are more productive
  • They don't lose their cool over inane and unwarranted things
  • They perform better at work, school, sports, and in bed!
  • They have fewer sick days and illnesses
  • Children that meditate are more focused and perform better in school, and have better attendance
  • Chakras are cleared and allow more healing energy (chi) to flow through to where it is needed most (don't worry about this for now!)
  • You Just Feel Better!

The reality is that most people make a big deal out of the whole idea of meditation, then they get afraid to try, or just put it off forever. 

There are Many meditation gurus that you can learn from online. 

I ain't no guru!

And I prefer to take 'the path of least resistance' when doing things such as meditating. 

Here is the Easiest Way that I know of

to Meditate,

with Benefits!

it's just breathing! 
meditation Made Easy

A quiet space, comfortable clothes, and a timer are all you need to begin meditating. 

Mostly, just a quiet, uninterrupted space! I know that this is hard to come by for a lot of people, especially with a family or noisy household around them. I recommend a door to shut and a "Quiet!" sign posted! 

Noise-cancelling headphones work wonders, or try some cotton or inexpensive ear plugs. 

Meditating in the morning is a great way to start the day, in a calm and focused state. 

Laying in bed is fine, but do not fall back asleep, as this defeats the purpose! 

A bathtub is a great place to meditate if possible. Light some candles and have some good smelling aromatherapy around, such as Lavender, Frankincense or Bergamot (see our page Essential Oils For Anxiety). 

On your lunch break you could sit in your car, or in a park, or a quiet room at work.  

Ideally, you would want 15-20 minutes a day, not more than 30. If this is even asking too much, try five minutes of relaxation, a number of times a day. 

  1. Sit Quietly
  2. Take A Breath - Inhale slowly through your nose, the slower and longer the better - Breathe in the Universal Energies, Life Forces, Nature, all the Goodness that Is
  3. Hold for a few seconds
  4. Slowly Exhale all the stress and worries and knots and dis-ease
  5. Relax
  6. Repeat - minimum of 3 long, deep breaths  


Can you do 3 more? 

This Simple technique alone will have an Amazing Affect on your Life, your Relationships, your Job, and most importantly,

Your Health. 

You do not need to 'assume the pose', cross-legged with fingers and thumbs touching.

You do not need to repeat a sound such as 'Om'.

You do not need to find an hour a day to meditate.

You do not need to face the rising sun, or the setting sun, or east or west or north or south.  

You just need to be comfortable, and uninterrupted. And Breathe. 

Sit quietly. 

Close your eyes.

Stop the chatter. (it WILL keep coming into your head - when you catch it, breathe it out, and move on).

Focus only on your breaths, nothing else matters at this very moment.

Practice Mindfulness - BE in the Present Moment, Be Here Now. 

Breathe before your next meeting.

Breathe when stuck in traffic.

Breathe before you open your mouth to say something that you may regret.

Breathe before you holler at your kids one more time, or your partner. 

Breathe when in a situation that is making you feel anxious. 

If you have any lung issues, deep breathing will help.

Try it with your kids, it will help them immensely in life. 







easier than meditating?

I don't know if you have had a chance to check out our page on How Paraliminals Can Heal You yet.

Listening to paraliminals is fun, because at one point you have 2 different voices going in each ear, with specific messages for that side of your brain (always make sure you have the right ear on the right side!).

You just sort of relax, breathe along, and listen. Or not. Paraliminals seem to work even when your brain is elsewhere!

For a super-fast meditation and focuser, I Love the 10-Minute Supercharger paraliminal

I Love All of my paraliminal cd's, and have about 20 of them on various subjects such as Prosperity, Focus and Concentration, Self-Esteem Supercharger, and Living The Law of Attraction. 

The company that puts them out, Learning Strategies Corporation, also have a few meditation cd's or courses, along with ones on Healing.

How About A Three Minute Super-Charged Meditation? That sounds good to Most Busy People!

Meditate with a 5000 year old Himalayan Masters approach! Try Meditate with the Himalayan Masters Program that gives you numerous 3 minute and 30 minute meditations, "so that you don't get bored"! 

All in all, Meditation is a Highly Recommended

Daily Habit 

to get into. 

Just Jump In and Do It! 

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