healing with the law of attraction

Law Of Attraction and Your Ability To Heal!

Law of Attraction,

One of The Most

Controversial Subjects in the World.

Also one of My Most Favorite Subjects in the World,

(along with helping people to Heal Alternatively)! 

Most People DO believe in ‘Like Attracts Like’, when it comes to people, animals, science, homeopathy…. but for some reason, once you start talking about universal energies and vibrations and the law of attraction, that just kind of shuts people’s minds off! ?!

I don’t understand.

Maybe because I feel like I have known from a fairly young age, that there was So Much More To Life than what the ‘average’ person was living, and I decided early on that I didn’t want to be Average. 

I grew up loving to read, thanks to my parents always having books and newspapers and magazines around, along with all of us having well-used library cards. 

I Know that I was a very young teenager when I started reading and thinking (maybe a bit too much!) about … death… and life… reincarnation … aliens (thanks Dad!) .... walk-ins…. astral traveling, other dimensions and parallel universes and chariots of the gods and noah’s ark and ufos and soul mates and twin souls and black holes and meditating, improving oneself, being outdoors in nature, eating healthy, avoiding doctors ..… 

I guess a slightly weird kid!

learning about law of attraction

So … jump ahead many years,

after a Lifetime of Living and Learning…

I still thank my good friend L.B. that turned me on to the movie The Secret, a whole lotta years ago. 

The Secret sort of began the craze of people beginning to realize  that they Actually Can Get What They Really Want Out Of Life.

I Know that it DID Change My Life.  

The movie, and my friend, made me realize that all of my stressing and thinking and worrying over bills and money ALL of the time, (at that time), was just keeping me in debt, and attracting nothing but more debt. 

Unfortunately, the movie sparked a lot of criticism and ridicule, as does Most Things in Life that is considered Different or Alternative! 

Personally, it is one of my most favorite movies of all time. I say this because so much of it Made Sense to me, and in many ways was the beginning of what has been an Incredible Journey, (Up And Down!).

It has helped to bring me to what is NOW BY FAR The BEST and HAPPIEST Time of My Life!! 

Do You Have A Favorite Abraham-Hicks or Law of Attraction Story?

Do you have a great Abraham-Hicks or Law of Attraction story?
Have you ever been to an Abraham-Hicks Workshop?
Or on a Cruise?
Have you ever been in the 'Hot Seat'?!
What is Your Favorite Abraham dvd or audio recording?
When were you last 'tuned in, tapped in, turned on'?
Have you experienced things that may seem 'miraculous', but WE know better?!
Please share your special story!

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create the life that you want !!

The general message of The Secret was about creating the life that you want, and I found a whole lot of new ‘teachers’ to begin reading and listening to. 

Can’t name them all, but some of the most influential for me were Esther and Jerry Hicks, Mike Dooley, Gregg Braden, and many, many more, which all led me to Louise Hay. 

Louise Hay, who wrote "You Can Heal Your Life' in 1984 (one of the first self-help books I ever read!), is an awesome and fascinating woman. She has had a very amazing life, beginning with surviving a lot of abuse at a young age and beyond. I think that she is about 89 now. 

Louise Hay has had a publishing company for many years, the best one ever (in my opinion!), comprised mainly of a whole lot of Great authors that promote self-improvement, self-awareness, your ability to heal yourself and the power of your thoughts.

She also has HayHouseRadio, which are the same people in one-hour segments, awesome to listen to throughout the day! 

Sooo Many Amazing Authors to listen to, I encourage you to check them out! 

why are we here?!

Okay, backtrack again to early years. I had started many years ago reading Jane Roberts and ‘The Seth Material’ and ‘The Nature Of The Psyche’.  Roberts was a medium who channeled an entity called Seth.

Seth’s basic message for people is, again, You Create Your Own Reality. (Still have the book, right in front of me!) 

I was also just Fascinated by the idea of some people actually being able to Communicate with ‘Someone’ from ‘The Other Side'. 

It is in all of us to ask at some point in our life or another,

  • What Is It All About ?
  • What Am I Here For ?
  • Why Can’t I Find My Path ?
  • Is That All There Is ?!
  • What Am I SUPPOSED To Be DOING With MY LIFE?!!?? 

I always loved to read or hear about ‘Beings’, supposedly a lot more Intelligent and Knowing than us, on what Their Viewpoint of what The Meaning Of Life is. 

I learned an awful lot those early years, but there was still something missing..... something just not resonating with me fully, something that I could not really grasp and ‘Live’. 

I always Thought, back then, that I tried to think more positively than negatively, although a lot of people I am sure thought of me more as pessimistic, sarcastic and jaded at a young age. 

meeting abraham

It actually wasn’t until The Secret came out, that I first had exposure to Esther and Jerry Hicks, and the entity, or rather a group of entities, Teachers if you will, called Abraham. 

Esther has been in communication with Abraham since the 1980’s, with Abraham speaking through her, and Jerry asking the questions and recording the answers. 

They started publishing books on the Law of Attraction in 1995. 

In 2004 Esther and Jerry Hicks published one of my most favorite books, ‘Ask and It Is Given - Learning to Manifest Your Desires’. I still have a well-used copy of that, there was just SO MUCH in it that I LOVED to hear, like WHY I was Always where I was in life, and How to get to Where I Really Do Want To Go.  

In 2008, they published the New York Times Bestseller ‘Money and the Law of Attraction: Learning to Attract Health, Wealth and Happiness’.  Another Awesome book, I have the CD set, listened to a million times.  Amazing Stuff. 




And Still Does, Now More Than Ever. 

Esther and Abraham were featured in the Original version of ‘The Secret’, but, for all kinds of reasons, were cut out of an updated version. Won’t get into the details here. 


Far and Above the Many Others that I have ever read or listened to in my life, and in pretty much about 100% of what I have ever read or heard from them that has resonated with me to the very core of my being, has been listening to Esther and Jerry and the in-depth conversations with Abraham. 

Abraham is

Un-Conditional LOVE.

Source Energy.

Infinite Intelligence.

That Which WE Are.

The Leading Edge of Thought.

Won’t use the ‘G’ word, as that tends to freak people out. (!!) 

"A group consciousness from the non-physical dimension.”  

Abraham SO Clicks with me, and I think that there is barely One Word Ever that I have felt any kind of disagreement with.

May sound weird, but it is exactly how I Feel.

(More on Abraham-Hicks Here!)

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know that all is well!

These are just a few of Abraham's basic teachings: 

Know That All Is Well !!

The Basis of Life is FREEDOM - the Purpose of Life is JOY 

Don't feel bad about negative creating - it is all part of the picture. How do you know what you DO Want if you don't know what you Don't Want? Contrast. Two sides to every subject. What is Wanted and What is Not Wanted. 

You Create Your Own Reality 

YOU / WE Are All Vibrational Beings


You can Never get it Wrong because you Never Get It Done! 

Focusing on JOY and Well-Being and Being and FEELING Happy is what *WILL* get you Whatever Your Heart Desires

It IS Possible for individuals to depart their body without illness or pain, and, for the most part, WE decide How and When that we 'croak' (because we never really die!) 

People Cannot Die, Their Lives Are Everlasting

The Nature of the Universe is Infinite and Vibrational and Ever-Expanding and Pure Unconditional Love and Well-Being 

ALL Is WELL, and WELLNESS Is Our Natural State

Any Desire Born In You CAN Be Fulfilled 

Everything that comes to us is a Direct Result of Our Vibrations - What we are Thinking - Feeling - Saying - Doing 

Stop Justifying WHY you have this and that awful thing in your world, and 'nothing' good ever happens to you. HA. Look Around. Pay Attention. Good Stuff Happens Every Minute of Every Day. Think of What it Takes to keep our World spinning in it's orbit?! You are just Choosing to Focus on the 'bad' stuff, so that you are Looking Right At and CANNOT SEE The GOOD STUFF. 

WE are not only a Part of the Universe but




thoughts of health create health

Negative thoughts like stress, worry, and fear create illness in our bodies.

It sounds simplistic to say that thoughts of health and wellness help to create a healthy body, but IT IS TRUE. 

You ARE What You THINK.

Like Attracts Like.

Law Of Attraction.

Thoughts Become Things.

You’ll See It When You Believe It! 

People like to argue that, well, I think about a million dollars all the time, but I don’t have it! What they don’t take into account is that the reason they want a million dollars, is because they are tired of worrying about money, not being able to pay their bills, or being able to buy things that they really want, or travel, or just to fix their car or house.

Thinking and worrying about debt, brings more debt.

Worry does not bring riches. 

Feeling good and Appreciating the Good that You Do Have, and being Truly Happy, Does. 

I Know first-hand, also, how Powerful this ‘law’ is, and the True Miracles that it Continues to Provide for Me. 

No one can judge another, because No One TRULY Knows the Thoughts that go through another’s mind. You can only guess. 

The Law of Attraction brings you Exactly what you are,  obsessively or not, thinking about, dreaming about, worrying about, visualizing, fearing. 

Do you say often, “I’ll believe it when I see it”?! 

Well…. I have to tell you, the Truth is quite the opposite….

You’ll See It When You Believe It!!

Thank you, Dr. Wayne Dyer, for the greatest title ever!

which do you choose?

So which side do you want to practice??

Thinking the good stuff ... or not?!

People also like to say, 'I would not have created that illness or disease in myself'. 

Well… then WHO Did?! 

Have you ever worried about getting some disease because ‘it runs in my family’? 

Do you spend a lot of time listening and talking to others about their, or your, illnesses, diseases, syndromes, crud? 

Do you search the internet for your symptoms and determine that you have something horrible and may die soon?!

You can’t say that your thoughts or conversations have nothing to do with perpetuating ill health. 

Healthy Thoughts Equal A Healthy Life.

“Like Attracts Like.” 

It Is Law.

Please continue on with us, with more ways to use

your mind to heal your body!

more law of attraction resources

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