I put Esther in my vortex and she showed up .

by Cindy Lubin
(Pgh, PA)

I was excited about going to my first workshop in Philly. My sister - in law Linda and I were going together. She asked me if I was going to get into the hot seat and if so, what would I say. For a month before the seminar I kept telling her and my family I really just wanted to see her outside of the seminar (like in the lobby or somewhere in the hotel) just to say hi and tell her I love her. Well Linda started to call me a stalker and creeper.
When we pulled into the parking lot of the hotel about 11 pm the night before, I took a buzz around the lot checking for her monster bus. Then while checking in, my eyes were everywhere searching for any sign of her. We even took a ride on the elevator stopping on different floors searching. Well I never saw her that night so we went to our room so we could sleep fast and get good seats in the morning.
And again on my way to breakfast and the seminar I kept my eyes peeled for her. No luck. I wasn't disappointed but just let it go and decided to enjoy the day. Great seminar and during our refresher we were milling around on the ramp to the ladies room watching everyone in the crowd shopping and enjoying themselves.
Then all of a sudden I felt someone looking at me from behind. I turned around and there were the most beautiful eyes looking right into mine. As I was able to focus on her whole face I was shocked and startled it focused to be Esther. Omg, standing right there in the crowd looking right at me with knowing eyes. As if they said "you were looking for me?" I couldn't believe it. I just said in a high pitched excited sort of way "HI". She answered back exactly the same. Then turned and walked away. Linda said if she didn't see it for herself she would've never believed it. I realized that day undoubtedly that I put her in my vortex so strongly and joyfully then just let it go. When I did she found her way to me. Thank you Esther. I wanted to tell her I love her so next seminar I attend I will definetly be doing that. ❤️

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Sep 25, 2016
That's Awesome!
by: Tina

That's such a Great Story!! I Love Esther! I had a sorta similar experience meeting Mike Dooley of TUT that way, passed in the hall! Can't wait to go to Abraham workshop tho! Thanks for sharing, Cindy!

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