I Know That Law of Attraction is Real!

by unknown

I know the "Law of Attraction" is real because I have experienced the reality of the law's operation in my own life.

I will share a brief summary of one of my favorite experiences of the law. About 10 years ago I had been living in Seattle, but due to family issues I needed to locate back to the east coast to help out for about a year.
I didn't enjoy being back on the east coast where I grew up. Mostly because all of my family back there was still living in the consciousness that I had left 30 years before and I hated being back in that space.
After a year the family issues had been resolved and I decided I was moving back to Seattle.

I was not going to do a long job search from across the country because I just wanted to go. I knew that if I just moved back things would work out. I set the date for my move. I got an airline ticket and resigned the job I had in the east.
About 5 days before I would fly away, I thought about the law of attraction and what I wanted to create for myself in Seattle.
I simply let myself place my attention on how my perfect rendering of life in Seattle would be.
I saw the building where I wanted to work.
I saw the place where my desk was and the view of the city.
I imagined working at my desk and looking up to see the ferry navigating the nearby bay.
I experienced the vibration of the people I'd work with.
I experienced the vibration of how this life would feel and what my reaction to it would be.

The next day I sent out some email messages to recruiters in my field letting them know I'd be in Seattle and looking for work on Tuesday.
As I sat in the airport waiting for a plane to Seattle, I got a call from a recruiter telling me about a big name company that wanted to interview me when I arrived.
On my first day in Seattle, I got a telephone interview and an invitation to an on-site interview at the company for the very next morning.
The next morning I got offered the job on the spot.

I had hoped to have some time off before I started the job and offer indicated. I would only be able to start after 2 weeks had passed. The location of the company, the location of my desk, the feel of my coworkers and the city, the view of the ferries all were exactly as I imagined.
The law of attraction is real and its operating all the time whether we are aware of it or not.

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Jun 27, 2016
That's A Great Story!
by: Tina

Thank you for a great submission!

Gosh, I hear ya about families hanging on to 'the old days' ! Seems like most all do !?!

Life Is Good, keep enjoying it there in Seattle!

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