Homeopathy Alternative Healing Medicine Gain Popularity

Homeopathy Alternative Healing Medicine

Traditional Western medicinal practices have lost some popularity over the past few years and homeopathic alternative healing medicine has become more popular! 

Many of the prescription medications prescribed to us suppress the Symptoms - the aches, the pains, the nausea, the inflammation, rather than addressing the Cause of the problem.

This is the reason why so many people have began exploring alternative healing practices, and alternative ways to heal.

Homeopathy is one such practice.

Homeopathy has been used in Europe for hundreds of years. Several factors determine why the popularity of homeopathy is growing rapidly here in the United States.

What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy, or homeopathic medicine, originated back in the late 1700’s in Germany by a man named Samuel Hahnemann, who was unhappy with the traditional medicines and practices of the day.

The name homeopathy is derived from Greek and it means 'like' or 'similar suffering'.

Homeopathy is based on two principles – ‘Like Cures Like’, and the employment of the Minimal Possible Dose.

In other words, a tiny amount of a drug that causes specific symptoms can be used to cure the disease which causes the symptoms.

Basically, on the idea that Our Bodies Have the Ability To Heal Themselves.

Just a small quantity of these substances is administered to get the process started.

When the drugs are diluted in either water or alcohol, it increases their therapeutic potential.

Homeopaths believe that it is the ‘essence’ of the drug that is actually curing the patient, and the more the dilution, the more the essence there is.

Appeal of Homeopathy

Homeopathy alternative healing medicine is appealing because it works together with your body.

It stimulates a natural healing process that isn’t focused on the suppression of symptoms.

In addition, homeopathic healers come up with individual solutions for every patient. They spend time with you to take into account how you are feeling, mind, body and spirit.

This personalization ranks among the factors that appeal to people the most, in this day of 5 minute doctor visits.

Since they contain the smallest possible quantities of the active ingredient, homeopathic remedies are gentle.

Homeopathic treatments are non-addictive and the risk of experiencing adverse side effects is minimal.



non-addictive and

effective –

these are just some of the reasons why homeopathic remedies have gained a ton of popularity!

The Placebo Effect

Some skeptics suggest that the placebo effect is at work here. People that take alternative healing medicine and start feeling better because they’re strongly motivated and they believe in the medicine’s ability to deliver results. Clinical research suggests that this is what is happening.

Homeopathic remedies are popular and they work because of the effective guiding principles behind the creation of such products.

What does science have to say about it?

The actual principles of homeopathy alternative healing medicine go against the beliefs of modern science, therefore scientists have not been able to state that homeopathy is a legitimate way to heal.

Over 150 years of scientific testing of these minute and ‘like’ doses have not been found to be consistent or conclusive.

Science believes that homeopathy defies the laws of physics.

It should be noted, however, that most of these tests have been "Improperly Conducted", and with a high rate of bias against the results.

Most of the ‘laws’ and beliefs used today about homeopathy were developed by Hahnemann himself.

My Opinion of Homeopathy
Alternative Healing Medicine

Science is what science does. Remember to follow the money!

My experience with homeopathy has been this. A number of years ago, someone had ‘prescribed’ some homeopathic remedy when I had a terrible sinus infection. They were tiny little pills that I think I held under my tongue, and kind of sweet tasting. I took them numerous times throughout the day. They did help my sinus infection to go away much quicker, and the pain was soon gone.

I have since tried these little pills for Arizona allergies and a bronchitis attack, and they did help me. And it was way healthier than taking more antibiotics. Not that I am totally against antibiotics, I just think they are greatly overused and will soon be nearly useless in 'curing' us! 

I also used homeopathic medicine to help treat my dog who had a desert disease called Valley Fever. 

I recommend getting a good quality product, and best if you can consult with a naturopath or homeopathy practitioner.

I say, if it works for you, then it works!

If it doesn’t, please be open-minded enough to

explore other alternative therapies!

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