Top Homeopathic Cold Remedies

Top Homeopathic Cold Remedies

You may want to try these homeopathic cold remedies first before you reach for over-the-counter drugs, especially with children!

No one seeks out an illness, but the common cold (aptly named) is the most prevalent infection in all age groups. Unfortunately, when the colder months roll around, the cold and the flu are everywhere we turn. The common cold has several symptoms, including coughing, sneezing, runny nose and sore throat.

To combat cold symptoms, we know the usual treatments - drinking more water, reducing consumption of dairy products, eating foods rich in Vitamin C and Zinc, taking supplements, aspirin, and getting plenty of rest.

While all of this helps, there are other options out there that can help your body to heal naturally and faster.

For the homeopathic approach, you need to understand that not every option will work for every situation.

You first need to determine the actual symptoms, not just the name of a disease or illness, and find a homeopathic solution that matches the symptoms.

All homeopathic cold remedies use their Latin names to maintain consistency and accuracy as to the original source of the medicine.

Modern medicine has no actual ‘cure’ for the common cold.

Homeopathic remedies actually do well with the common cold, treating the imbalance of the immune system rather than just fighting the infection.

Catch the cold in the first stage for the best results!

Best Homeopathic Cold Remedies

Here are some of the best options for homeopathic cold remedies you may want to try:

Aconite / Aconitum / Wolf’s Bane / Queen of All Poisons (!)

Aconite is a common homeopathic remedy for a cold, as well as fever, flu and shock.

Aconite must be administered within the first 24 hours, and is best for colds that come on suddenly, usually from exposure to dry, cold winds.

This is especially good when the individual has a fever with chills and feels restless or anxious.

Be sure to get the advice of a practitioner of homeopathy because the wrong dosage can be toxic!

Allium Cepa

When the common cold is the culprit, allium cepa, of the onion family, is a great choice.

It helps to address nasal discharge, itching eyes, sneezing from allergies and hay fever.

Also relieves the pain of a congestive headache in the front part of the forehead.

Continue to take it for a few days to build up the levels in your blood stream and then taper off, so that your body can adjust to it.


Belladonna, also known as Deadly Nightshade (!) (now you know why Minute Quantities are used in Homeopathy!)

For the first stages of a cold with sudden onset and high fever, redness, throbbing headache and aches and pains.

Kali Bichromicum / Kalium Bichromicum / Kali Bic

If you’re experiencing heavy amounts of mucus discharge, stringy and ropy, from the sinuses and respiratory system, try this invaluable solution.

It can combat a rattling cough, sinus headache and pressure pain, and help you to sleep more soundly at night.

This is an ideal choice when your cold is already in the second stage, and it came in the summer months..


Pulsatilla, of the Pasque Flower, helps children who experience acute or chronic colds.

It is a common remedy for newborns with yellow or green nasal discharge, stuffy noses, and may be very sensitive or emotional.

When you have blockage of the nose and difficulty breathing and sleeping, pulsatilla is the best solution. It can help to improve breathing, as it address inflammation and discharge.

When you choose this treatment, make sure you build it up slowly in the body as high amounts can be counterproductive.

Nat Mur / Natrum mur

For the beginning stages of a cold, with the sneezing and nasal discharge, and dull, achy pains, runny eyes, sensitivity to light, cold sores and dry, cracked lips, Nat Mur will help to alleviate these issues.

It is given to children that get frequent colds, sneezing, and discharge from nose and eyes.

As you can see, there are a number of different homeopathic options available for treating the common cold. Make sure you take the time to explore the solution you are interested in, and find the one that will best address the symptoms that you have.

Most of these homeopathic cold remedies can be found here, but we do recommend that you consult with a Certified Naturopath or Homeopathic Practitioner to give you the best advice for relieving the symptoms of your cold, or just about any other symptom or condition that you are experiencing. Healthy Goodness, Highest-Grade Natural Supplements! Fast, Free Shipping!

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