Herbal Remedies for Anxiety
That Really Work

Herbal Remedies for Anxiety

There are a number of herbal remedies for anxiety

that do really work!

Anxiety has unfortunately become a way of life for millions of people. Anxiety disorders are one of the most common mental illnesses in America. Our fast paced, instantaneous, electronic lives have taken a toll on our bodies.

So many of us are always anxious, tense, impatient, tired, restless, on edge, irritable, moody, depressed, and/or achy. We fight traffic to be able to live in a nice neighborhood and work at a good job. We worry about our kids, grandkids, parents, siblings, house, car, school, neighbors, government, taxes, bills, money…health… Our levels of stress are usually high.

We go to doctors that try one more test, one more drug after another, one more specialist... to try to help our symptoms. 

Our pharmaceutical and health care industry, and our government have a lot of control over our lives, our wallets, and our HEALTH.

It Really Is About Time That We Take Responsibility and Action 

for Our Own HEALTH and WELL-BEING, Don’t You Think?!

There are MANY Alternative Ways To Heal Anxiety!

Top Herbal Remedies for Anxiety

Here are some of our

Favorite NATURAL Ways

to relieve and release the anxiety and stress that surrounds us!


Chances are that you’ve seen relaxation products promoting their “calming” lavender scents. It is true that therapeutic grade lavender essential oil has the strength to help you to combat the anxiety, depression, pain, restlessness, nervousness, and insomnia in your life. It can be mixed in with oil or lotion so that you can breathe it in during the day.

You can add a few drops of lavender essential oil into bath water. This can help you to melt away the anxiety and stress of the day.

Lavender tea can be made using 1 to 2 tbsp. of whole, dried flowers per cup of boiling water. Steep for 10-15 minutes and strain before drinking.

When you’re dealing with lavender, it’s a good idea to keep it as pure as possible, especially if your anxiety is high. You can often dab a little under your nose and benefit from the pure strength of it.

Lavender has been shown to help improve overall mood in people. Many businesses are using lavender near their customer service counters to help keep people feeling mellow when they’re assisting them!

Wild Orange Oil

For a mood boost and to lower anxiety and stress, you can add some wild orange essential oil to the foods you eat. It only takes a couple of drops in a dish you’re preparing or in your water, ingesting a few times a day to experience the benefits.

Wild orange will add a citrus twist to any dish. You can place a few drops of wild orange oil in your palms, rub together, and breathe deeply, inhaling the calming effects of the scent.

Wild orange oil can also be energizing, revitalizing, and uplifting. Orange essential oils are well known to be anti-depressant, sedative and tonic.

Ylang Ylang

One of our favorite herbal remedies for anxiety, Ylang ylang is an essential oil that has been shown to help relieve depression, ease anxiety, deliver a sense of calmness, and act as a sedative, a tonic, and an aphrodisiac.

It works by helping to calm the central nervous system and helping to ensure the body can enter a state of relaxation. It can help with relationships, lower frustrations, increase confidence and self-esteem, and drive away anxiety, stress and sadness.

Ylang ylang can be diffused into the air if you desire, or you can place it on the body as needed, and enjoy the benefits that come with a topical application or inhalation of the oil.

Ylang ylang is generally regarded as safe for internal consumption. It can be mixed with one teaspoon of honey to one drop of therapeutic grade essential oil, or one drop to 4 oz of beverage. 

Kava Kava

Kava Kava is a very popular drink in the South Pacific. It is used as a stress and anxiety-reducer, to boost moods, relax muscles, and aids in symptoms of depression.

Kava is so good at reducing anxiety, that there are now kava bars around that provide a healthy alternative to having a beer or wine! 


Skullcap is an herb from the mint family, that comes as a tea or tincture for ease of use.

Skullcap helps with anxiety that comes along with teeth grinding or clenching, muscle tightness, and restlessness. It is known to reduce stress and anxiety. 


Chamomile makes a great tea, with some honey and lemon. Chamomile herb is well known as a relaxer and anxiety and stress reducer. It is perfect for use before bed to wind down with.

Chamomile has been well researched, and is considered a great alternative to medications for stress, anxiety and insomnia. 

This is one of my favorite companies for herbal remedies for healing anxiety !

Other Home Remedies

In addition to herbal remedies for anxiety, there are some home remedies that may help as well:

Omega-3 fatty acids

There is some evidence now that omega-3 fatty acids may lift your mood and ease anxiety symptoms by lowering the levels of cortisol and adrenaline in your body.

Fatty foods such as tuna, sardines and salmon, flax seeds and walnuts, are all great sources of ‘essential’ omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3s have recently been in the news for its positive effects on mood-disorders, depression, anxiety disorders, pain disorder and bipolar disorder.

Numerous studies have shown links between anxiety and depression and low levels of omega-3 fats.

Taking supplements of omega-3’s have shown to improve the symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Natural sunlight, exercise, and diet

When used along with other herbal remedies for anxiety, 15 minutes a day of natural sunlight will go a long way toward increasing your Vitamin D levels, which can decrease symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Try to take a walk in an area with lots of green trees and sunlight, if possible. 21 minutes of exercise, including walking, will flood your body with good-feeling endorphins.

Research has shown that exercise will increase your serotonin levels, which can boost your mood, alleviate anxiety and increase relaxation.

Watch out for unnecessary use of caffeine, alcohol and sugar, which have all been shown to increase anxiety.

Foods such as blueberries and peaches contain nutrients that relieve stress.

Whole grains and oats will prevent sugar spikes and improve your mood.

Avocados, eggs, milk, and even meat, contain a lot of B vitamins that can help to prevent anxiety.

Dark green vegetables and even dark chocolate help to lower the stress hormone cortisol.

All of these herbal and home remedies and essential oils are able to decrease anxiety levels in your body.

And don't forget to Meditate

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