Essential Oil Heals Chronic Ear Infection!

by Terri

I live with chronic ear infections, generally called Otitis, or referred to by one ENT I visited, as a severe, ongoing case of Swimmers Ear.

I have been prescribed antibiotics, allergy meds and ear drops to treat the inflammation. I have been advised by healthcare professionals other tips to keep it at bay, such as wearing ear plugs while showering to prevent moisture in my ears, and taking a moment when I blow dry my hair to also dry my ear canals.

All of which have made minor improvements for short periods of time.

I took your advice to try the Eucalyptus Essential Oil with ABSOLUTELY AMAZING results.

A small amount under my nose and at the entrance of my ear canal makes an immediate and long term positive difference.

Thank you so much !

You also have a very well written, well thought out and researched site. You have earned my trust. Terri

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Sep 30, 2016
I'm SO Glad!
by: Tina

I'm So Glad that the eucalyptus essential oil worked so well for you! Essential Oils are AMAZING Healers! I Love Them SO Much!
Thanks for sharing!

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