Using Essential Oils for
Anxiety Treatment

If you are looking for an essential oil for anxiety treatment, you will find that there are many options to soothe your anxiety and stress symptoms!

Essential oils smell amazing and have many health benefits. Using quality, therapeutic grade essential oils can be a very powerful way to find anxiety relief.

When you breathe in the scent of essential oils, your nose’s olfactory receptors communicate with the area of the brain called the amygdala. The amygdala are 2 small, almond shaped areas made up of nuclei, at the base of your brain. This is where emotions and memories such as trauma and abuse are stored, and where our 'fight or flight' reactions begin.  

Many researchers believe that breathing in the essential oil molecules helps to stimulate this area of the brain that affects mental, physical, and emotional health. 

The sense of smell has been said to be the most powerful way to affect our subconscious. 

Sesquiterpenes are molecules that are in essential oils, and they are capable of crossing the blood/brain barrier. This has a great impact on oxygenating the brain.

The combination of this action, plus the aromas of the essential oils, has been shown to have a big impact on releasing emotional trauma, stress and anxiety. 


Anxiety is a huge problem today, and millions of anxiety sufferers turn to taking anxiety medications to deal with this problem. 

There are so many disorders that have anxiety as a symptom  - depression, substance abuse, anxiety disorder, bipolar, panic attacks, anxiety attacks, agoraphobia, attention deficit disorder, post traumatic stress disorder, social anxiety disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, clinical depression, panic disorder.... it's a nearly endless list, and these are only the top ones! 

People take all kinds of pharmaceuticals that are pushed at them, recommended to them by friends and doctors alike. 

The purpose of this site is to show you that there are sooo many Healthier and Cheaper and Better Ways to Heal Your Body!  

This includes Many Natural Remedies for anxiety, beginning here with therapeutic grade essential oils! 

Essential oils are one of our original medicines. The oils are distilled from plants - they are healthy, potent, natural and provide great results.

If you want to try essential oils to treat your anxiety, here are a few excellent options. 

Take therapeutic grade essential oils seriously (and NOT the ones that you find in any local store!), they are VERY Potent Alternative Remedies! 

Lavender Essential Oil for Anxiety

Lavender is well known for its calming properties, as well as anti-depressant, anti-inflammatory, and sedating abilities. This makes it a wonderful treatment option for anxiety. It is traditionally known to balance the body and nervous system, and work wherever there is a need.

Smelling lavender oil may help to reduce anxious feelings, since the scent has the potential to alter emotional states. Inhaling lavender oil can also help promote health, peace and a general sense of well-being. Try a soothing bath with lavender oil, inhaling deeply as much as possible.

It can help soothe headaches and migraines by applying a drop and rubbing into the affected areas on the scalp, releasing the stress that we hold inside.

Another idea is to keep a small bottle of lavender essential oil with you, smelling it when you begin to feel anxious. This can open up your pineal gland, which secretes hormones to calm you and reduce anxiety.

Bergamot Essential Oil for Anxiety

Another great essential oil for anxiety treatment is bergamot oil. This essential oil is known to be an analgesic, anti-inflammatory, anti-spasmodic, a sedative, as well as uplifting and refreshing.

Bergamot essential oil can help relieve stress and nervous tension. The French have used bergamot oil for many years, for calming agitation, helping with depression, easing anxiety, and aiding insomnia.

Bergamot essential oil has a citrus-like smell and can improve your mood with inhalation alone. It also has the ability to promote sleep and treat head tension. For best results, diffuse this essential oil into the air, or apply a drop or two, (test first, and use a carrier oil to dilute!) to forehead and temples to reduce anxiety.

Sandalwood Essential Oil for Anxiety

Many cultures consider sandalwood to be a sacred plant and essence. Sandalwood is a balancing, calming essential oil that is great for treating chronic stress and anxiety. It is also an antidepressant, aphrodisiac and a sedative. It was traditionally used in rituals to enhance meditation.

Sandalwood can help to remove negative programming at the cellular level, help with depression, nerves and nervous tension, and helps to balance the emotions. It can help open the third eye during meditation.

Sandalwood essential oil is as stimulating as it is grounding. Apply directly to areas of concern or diffuse. Sandalwood essential oil will help tremendously in calming your anxiety.

More Essential Oil for Anxiety Treatment  Options

These are a few of the best essential oils for anxiety. 

  • Jasmine Essential Oil – Also an anti-depressant, helps to restore a positive outlook and confidence and energy, with an Amazing smell!
  • Neroli, or Orange Blossom Essential Oil – A nerve tonic, helps to relieve anxiety and depression, calms and relaxes the body and spirit, particularly in cases of extreme stress, safe for children's health needs

  • Rose Essential Oil – Offers anti-depressant properties and stimulates and elevates the mind, also with an amazing smell!

  • Patchouli Essential Oil – Encourages positive feelings, sedating, calming, relaxing, and helps to balance emotions, an antidepressant and nerve tonic, smells great!

  • Chamomile Essential Oil – Calming, relaxing, soothes anger, combats depression, anxiety and stress, stabilizes emotions, soothes and clears the mind

  • Ylang Ylang Essential Oil – Sedates and calms, grounding, reduces rapid heartbeat and breathing and lowers blood pressure when anxiety attacks occur, helps release trauma, promotes peace and calming, beautiful smell!

  • Frankincense Essential Oil – Promotes deep breathing, increases relaxation, calms anxiety, helps with emotional balance by helping one have a better attitude, smells great!

To make the most of your essential oils, make sure you keep them in tightly sealed bottles. They should be stored in dark, dry, cool places, since their potency diminishes with exposure to air, heat, and light.

While essential oils are generally safe for most people, use caution  with children. Usually diluting the oil with a carrier oil is much gentler. Individuals on prescription medications, with serious health issues, or women or are pregnant should talk to a health care professional before using essential oils or other alternative remedies. 

And, I should add, if you click on any link on this site and buy something, I just might earn a small commission, which goes toward the upkeep and growth of this site, and I Thank You! 


*Internal Consumption of essential oils is not FDA approved and not recommended.

These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease. The user accepts all risk, liability and responsibility. Use caution if pregnant or around young children or pets. 


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