Chance Encounter?

by Val S

It couldn't have been less than 90 degrees, the sun beat down through the trees on an uncharacteristically hot Oregon June day. We were at the end of a three hour drive when all of the sudden the engine died, Tim restarted it, began driving, and the engine died again.
This happened three times before we both realized the Jeep wasn't going to keep going. I got out to stand in the shade while he popped the hood. We were twelve miles from camp on a rural gravel road, with no cell reception and little hope for rescue.
As Tim began to walk back towards the Jeep I noticed a puff of dust traveling up the road, and shortly after an older blue Toyota pulled up.
"Engine Troubles" asked the grizzled man behind the wheel. "Yep, it keeps dying and then starts and dies again". "Well, I used to be a master mechanic, maybe I can help." said the man, later we find out his name is Frank. Frank hopped up onto the winch, and began running through engine diagnostics.
Shortly, his son pulls up and brings out his tools, a mat, and a canister to drain into.
Forty minutes later we were waving our goodbyes and hollering "thank you" out the window.
Frank had diagnosed and fixed our fuel line in less than an hour. Although we were fashionably late, we made it. All thanks to a chance encounter, on a rural gravel road.

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Jun 27, 2016
Great story!
by: Tina

You just Never know who may come along to help you...!
Thank you!

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