Bach Flower Remedies for Healing

“This is Dr Bach's central message: 

We Are All Healers.

Everyone can use the remedies.

Everyone can Heal and

in the process

Understand Who They Are and

Take Charge of

Their Own Destinies.”

what is bach flower remedies?

Bach Flower Remedies are a healing solution that was developed by Dr Edward Bach, an English physician, surgeon, homeopath, bacteriologist and pathologist, in the 1920s and 30s.

Dr Bach was greatly dissatisfied with the way that

doctors at that time were

“… expected to concentrate on diseases and

ignore the whole person.” 

He believed in a more Holistic approach than they were doing at the time to treat the soldiers coming home injured from France. 

Dr Edward Bach founded a new approach to Healing that focused on the Emotional Health of people rather than their physical symptoms. 

The beliefs of the Bach Centre match those of ours

here at Alternative Ways To Heal

“We (Bach Centre) believe that

Healing on an Emotional Level

has knock-on effects on other levels:

a Healthy Emotional Life and

a Balanced Personality

will Allow your Body to

Find its Own Natural State of Health.” 

Dr Bach had spent most of his medical years working with bacteria and vaccines, but now wanted to find remedies that were more pure and gentler.

He began collecting plants and called flowers - ‘the most highly-developed part of a plant’. 

He believed that the flowers still contained the healing properties of the plant. 

Bach was convinced of the power of plants and nature, and gave up his scientific ways, burning a huge amount of his collected scientific data, and began relying on his intuition guiding him and his natural gifts as a healer. 

It took many years of trial and error and testing thousands of plants to come up with the remedies that he wanted.

Each is aimed at a mental state or emotion. He found that when he treated the emotions of the patients, their physical distress was eased and their bodies were able to unblock and heal again. 

Dr Bach spent the rest of his life testing and trying out plants and flowers on himself and his own personal state of mind at the time, until he felt that they were perfected.

His Bach Flower Remedies are still

used all over the world today. 


"Healing with the clean, pure, beautiful agents of nature

is surely the one method of all

which appeals to most of us" 

Dr Edward Bach, 1936


Bach wanted people to take care of their souls first. He believed that this was important to start with, to help in the healing of the body, instead of focusing alone on what pain or symptoms are going on. 

He believed in the simplicity and purity of

the miraculous ability to Heal with Nature. 


It doesn’t need to be expensive or complicated! 

what does bach flower remedies do?

There are 38 remedies in the Bach remedy system, and each one is related to a basic human emotion, and each one designed to be simple.

Sunshine or boiling water, brandy, the right plant and bottles to put it in is all that is needed. 

The mixture of flower and plant water is combined at 50% brandy and 50% flower water, and then diluted accordingly. 

The 38 basic preparations can make nearly 293 million different combinations of remedies. 

The Bach remedies are useful for healing various fears, uncertainties, discouragements, hopelessness, fatigue, despair, depression, impatience, jealousies, revenge, despondency, and more. 

Most of the remedies are sold in liquid form, and you mix the various remedies needed until you get one that matches your current emotional state.

Only a couple of drops are needed in a glass of water.

Potent Stuff. 


In 1936 (and beyond, I’m sure), a few people began experimenting with the idea of mixing all 38 remedies and creating a mix to solve everyones problems.

Dr Bach had already tried this idea and determined that it did not work that way! 


When Dr Edward Bach printed his 32 page manual ‘The Twelve Healers’, it was said to contain all the information needed to use the Bach Flower Remedies system. 

He never patented the system, instead he published the recipes in The Twelve Healers, and then more details were added in a book by his partners Nora Weeks and Victor Bullon  ‘Illustrations and Preparations’. 

The Bach Centre graciously have The Twelve Healers available for a free download here, along with a few other goodies!  

bach flowers are safe for children and animals!

The Bach Flower Remedies are safe for children, animals, and pregnant women (although of course you should consult first with your health-care practitioner!). 

Good book on Bach Flower Remedies for Animals by Stefan Ball and Judy Ramsell Howard. There are many more books available for using flower remedies on horses, dogs, cats - see below!  

There are other companies making their own brands of the flower remedies, and today they can be found in most health food stores.

I personally would suggest staying with a certified Bach brand, to assure that you are getting the true potencies. 


The Bach Centre is located in Mount Vernon, United Kingdom, and they work hard at keeping with the original and simplistic purity of the principles and flower remedy system of Dr Edward Bach. 

Much more information on these amazing flower remedies can be found on their website at, along with courses, training and education. 

I have not personally tried Bach Flower Remedies just yet, but would be interested in hearing from those of you that do! 


“This work of healing has been done and published

and given freely

so that people like yourselves can help yourselves,

either in illness or

to keep well and strong.”

- Edward Bach, speaking on his 50th birthday 24th September 1936


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