Why Alternative Healing therapies Work Better
Than Conventional Ones

Alternative Healing Therapies

There is a growing interest in alternative healing therapies of all kinds as people become better educated and more aware of the need to take charge of their own health! 

There will always be a place for conventional medicine – there are health problems which may only treatable through conventional western medical interventions.

However, the prevention-focused methodologies of alternative medicine have finally captured the public’s attention.

Approximately one half of Americans use some type of alternative medicine already, and this number is growing with every passing year. 

Why Don’t More Physicians Recommend Alternative Healing Therapies?

There is a very simple answer to this question – the pharmaceutical industry is the driver of the medical industry.

While many prescription medications have their uses and when prescribed appropriately can be very helpful, the overuse of medication is a serious issue in our society.

It’s not so surprising that conventional medicine focuses so heavily on prescription medications and not alternative healing therapies.

Pharmaceutical companies are among the largest donors to medical schools and fund the bulk of medical research. Most 'research' is also conducted in-house by pharmaceutical companies. 

Physicians are constantly bombarded with literature from the pharmaceutical industry, not to mention receiving Frequent visits from pharmaceutical sales people and others in the industry, handing out free samples of drugs they want to push. 

Is it any wonder that pharmaceutical drugs are so much more prevalent in our society than the cheaper Alternative Ways To HEAL?! 

Not to mention Expensive, Addictive, UnHealthy, UnNatural... 

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Why Alternative Medicine Is Often Better

Compared to prescription medications,

alternative therapies have far fewer

potential side effects.

In fact, the Vast Majority of alternative therapies

have no unwanted side effects whatsoever!

Doesn't it make more sense, health-wise, to try to treat back pain with massage, relaxation techniques, and/or exercises, than with prescription pain medication?

There are many instances where the cure can be worse than the disease, at least when it comes to pharmaceuticals.

PREVENTION is at the core of

many alternative therapies.

Would you rather treat a disease

(or as conventional medicine often does,

merely the Symptoms of disease)

or would you rather

not become ill

in the first place?!

That’s the goal of many, if not most, forms of alternative medicine – to support and promote good health and Prevent Disease rather than attempting to remedy health problems once they become severe enough to cause symptoms.

Take garlic and honey, for instance. Garlic can be surprisingly effective against viral infections like the common cold or flu, while honey is shown to be a more effective cough suppressant than Anything that your local pharmacy sells over the counter.

These alternative remedies work as well or better than anything you’d be given by a conventional medical practitioner – and they are healthier and easier on your body.

It’s no wonder that the public has embraced alternative medicine in a world where pharmaceuticals seem to come with longer and more distressing lists of side effects every day.

Keep reading and we will show you many

Inexpensive and Safer Ways

to Maintain and Improve Your Health!

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