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I Appreciate You stopping and looking around! 

I have an extensive and varied background in health care, computer trainings, assistive technology (devices and training), occupational therapy (a holistic field), and education and training for people of all ages, newborn to elderly, with mild to moderate to severe physical, emotional, and developmental disabilities, helping all to be more Independent. 

I have lived in various parts of the U.S., absorbing the local alternative ways to heal cultures!

Beginning in the Northeast, with their multi-generational Yankee families and old-school traditions to ‘heal thyself’, to the Salem, MA New Age and Wiccan communities, the lovers and worshippers of nature and all of her bounties. Loving and using medicinal plants to heal others and Mother Earth herself, witches and warlocks, Not the evil that most have made them out to be, but the Lovers and Respecters of Powers greater than us, Nature herself!

Next, to the Native Americans of the Southwest, also worshippers of Nature, the healing powers of the land, Lovers and Respecters of the Powers of the sun, the moon, fire, air, water, earth, the Universe. Shamans, Medicine Men, Tribal Elders… all had wisdom and knowledge worth respecting and listening to.

To my current home, in the Southeastern part of the country, steeped in ancient voodoo culture, indigenous peoples, midwives, Wise Women, along with pervasive rural poverty, which necessitates the healing of selves without the expense of traditional doctors and medicine, by using natures ways.

Nature is the common denominator of all of these areas and peoples of this country that, in years past, had no choice but to rely on what was found around them to heal themselves and their families of illnesses and injuries.

I have Always been a Lover of the Outdoors, a worshipper of Nature, a Moon and Water sign and Lover of Both, a Literal Tree-Hugger, Avid Recycler, and Always Looking for Ways to Help Heal Myself And Others Without the Use and Tremendous Expense, Health- And Wallet-Wise, of side-effect laden pharmaceuticals.


The next Big Reason why I needed to create this website, is because of our Atrocious Health Care System in this country. 

‘Big Pharma’ corporations have one and only one bottom line,

and it is NOT OUR HEALTH!

There are documented stories galore of these corporations closing the doors on small companies and individuals that have come up with ‘alternative ways to heal’. (The same goes for shutting down the backyard mechanics devising 100/200 mpg engines, inventors of new alternative energies, new forms of recycled building materials, the many cures for cancer…)

All quashed in the name of Corporate Profits!

We have ENORMOUS Amounts of Talent in this country - talented, creative people that have devised So Many Ways to keep us a Strong, Clean, HEALTHY and Happier Nation….

But…. Unfortunately…. the Big Money tends to Do and Get Whatever They Want, which is usually just More Money.

(And usually Obscene Amounts of Money).

And usually in shady or even illegal ways, or using loopholes and lawyers not available to the average working person.

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, Don’t You Think??!!

It’s Time to take OUR HEALTH,

which IS pretty much The Most Important Thing That We Have…

into Our Own Hands.

At this point in time, we All know someone that has been affected by cancer.

Do you Know How Many people around the World actually have found Proven Cures for cancer??! And other ‘fatal’ diseases??!

Quashed, Squashed, Humiliated, Bankrupt, even Murdered…

All in the name of Corporate Profits.


I just want to help open people’s Eyes and Minds to the fact that there are PLENTY of ALTERNATIVE WAYS TO HEAL !

Many that are never even thought of or heard of or talked about on the news (the Media, another Untrusted Source… another story tho!)

I am trying to not be too political here (!!), but I Really Do have Strong Feelings on this subject…. there are Soooo Many Remedies  to heal our bodies in So Much Safer and More Natural ways…

We Really DO Need to Wake Up and Shake Things Up in this country, these ‘United’ States of America….

  • We spend more per person than any other country on health ‘care’
  • We rank *50th* in life expectancy!

Among countries with higher incomes, we have THE Highest or Near The Highest rates of

  • obesity
  • infant mortality
  • STD’s
  • heart disease
  • lung disease
  • teen pregnancies, and

We have The MOST EXPENSIVE Health Care System in the World,

and yet we are at the BOTTOM

when ranked with every other ‘civilized’ country…!!

…. and Yet, we Don’t want to, or aren’t Able to, take advantage of, or just are not Aware of the ABUNDANCE of plants, trees, flowers, leaves, roots, berries, essential oils, that are All Around Us, HEALING People daily all around the World!

And the greatest ‘weapon’ that we have in Health…

The Power Of Our Minds!!


Please peruse this site, and Keep an Open Mind!

In Many Cases, I have Tried these various Therapies myself, or have Known someone that has, or at the least, have Researched enough to feel confidant to relay information on them.

Please feel free to share your comments or experiences!

***And, of course, I dont know all of the variables of Your Life, so be Aware that I am Not Prescribing or Recommending that you jump into anything without consulting your own health care professional!***

Just Please Be AWARE

that You DO

Have Choices!! 

Also... if you click on a link and buy something, I may make a small commission, which goes toward the upkeep and expanding of this web site, and I Do Appreciate You!

And, if you are interested, this is the best way in the world to build your own business online, like mine!


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