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I have been listening to and watching Esther and Jerry Hicks and their Most Awesome Crew, along with the group of entities that they communicate with called Abraham, for a long, long time.

Many long-term listeners would probably agree with me, and Abraham themselves would admit, that Abraham just basically repeats themselves over and over again!

But in a hundred thousand different ways, shapes and forms, in order for our (little) brains to actually Get IT. 

What is IT? 

Just that You Create Your Own Reality. And Get Happy. 

That’s basically IT! 

You Create Your Own REALITY. 

You create your own Life, you created what you have in front of you, right now.  

And people will say, No, I am sure that I do not create my own reality. I am sure that I did not create this illness, this bad relationship, this job, this car, this empty bank account ... That’s Impossible. Why would I do That?! 

And Abraham would say…

Nothing in this Universe comes and tries to ‘get you’. The Nature of the Universe is Joy. It is Wellness and Well-Being. It is Abundance Flowing Towards Us. It is the Light. There Is No Darkness, there is Only Light. 

This is a Universe of Attraction - Like Attracts Like - like a Magnet you Attract it all to you. 

Whether you Believe or not. 

Like Gravity, Attraction is Law. 

who is Abraham?!

That's a Good Question! 

There are lots of descriptions for Abraham, most not quite right! 

Esther and Jerry Hicks have been in communication for many years with a group of entities that are called Abraham. 

Abraham is a group of Teachers. Also known as Spirit or Source Energy or All That Is. 

Dr. Wayne Dyer was a big fan of Abraham's.

In the Foreword to the Hicks' Ask and It Is Given, he encourages you, if you are not quite ready for the whole message yet, to just carry the book around a while and

"Allow the energy that it contains to permeate through any resistance that your body/mind might offer, and let it resonate with that inner place that is form-less and boundary-less - that is what is often called your soul, but Abraham would call it your vibrational connection to your Source." 


Everything is Vibration, and Everything has it's own

vibrational frequency and speed.

If you have ever read anything about quantum physics, a very fascinating subject (I think!), then you would be familiar with the idea of quantum particles and finding energy and matter that is smaller and smaller, until "... you discover that it emanated from a source that vibrates so fast that it defies the world of beginnings and endings. This highest/fastest energy is called Source Energy."

Everyone and everything originated in this vibration, and then went on to become things and bodies and minds which then began our human qualities like illness and fears and worries. 

Abraham is helping us to return to that place where we are in touch with our Source, an All-Loving Being.  

Dr. Dyer calls Abraham a "...cadre of honest, no-nonsense beings who only have your well-being in mind." 

You can Connect with this Source of the highest vibrational energy

and Allow It to Flow into your Life, 

or you can Resist it and

have roadblocks and unhappiness and ill health and 'dis-ease'. 

Best to be Aligned with Goodness and Guidance and

Peace and Health and Abundance!

The right people and circumstances then manage to come to you at the right time!  

"When you change the way you look at things,

the things you look at change."

Do You Have A Favorite Abraham-Hicks or Law of Attraction Story?

Do you have a great Abraham-Hicks or Law of Attraction story?
Have you ever been to an Abraham-Hicks Workshop?
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Have you ever been in the 'Hot Seat'?!
What is Your Favorite Abraham dvd or audio recording?
When were you last 'tuned in, tapped in, turned on'?
Have you experienced things that may seem 'miraculous', but WE know better?!
Please share your special story!

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Buddha - Guard Your Thoughts

what do you want ??

Pay Attention to your Thoughts, your Words, your Feelings. 

They all equal your vibrational Energy,

your vibrational Frequency.

What you are putting out, you are getting back. 

Is the Reality that you see in front of you,

what you WANT to Live?

It is okay if you have or know what you Don't want in life right now, that is the only way to know what you DO Want, right?! 

No matter Where you are right now, you have the Freedom to change, for the better. 

"Your Point of Power is in the Present." 

"Tell A New Story!" 

You have the whole Power and “Energy That Creates Worlds” on your side, Actually a PART of you, Wanting to Give You Everything that You Do Desire. 

The Source of All Things is True UN-Conditional Love,

the way that we’ve been told and have been taught

that unconditional love should be.

Everything and anything that you truly desire is what Source Energy wants for you. It can be yours, it IS yours. 



It is Our job to ‘get up to speed’ with our own unique vibrational energy level, in order to GET What We Want. You just have to be in the vicinity of where IT Is.

Keep Reading!

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what do you really want ?!

Television, newspapers, the media and even friends and family make us feel like we need to ‘conform to the norm’.

They like to tell us how and What to think, we use what they want us to use, do what they want us to do, buy what they want us to buy. 

Media, doctors, drug companies, the government, all make us think that they have Our best interests in mind, telling us only what they want us to hear.  

Who knows what YOU WANT and NEED in LIFE

More than YOU Do? 

WHAT  Is  It  That  YOU  WANT  ?!

Are you doing what you truly want to do?

3 steps to getting what you want out of life!

According to the teachings of Abraham,

there are 3 steps to getting what ever you want out of life -

creating the life that you desire -

and ‘creating your own reality’. 


#1 - Ask. 

For what you REALLY Want.

Actually, we have been asking for things for all of our lives, we don’t even need to ask for more, we just need to get into tune with what we have asked for!

And realize that we are Really ‘asking’ every second, every millisecond of every day, our cells are asking, our brain is asking, our thoughts are asking, our vibrations are asking.

Are you asking for what you Want…or what you Don’t Want?! 

It is easy to ask for what we Don’t want

when we Think that we are asking for

what we DO want. 

For instance, most people are wanting more money, but what is their main 'focus'?

They are thinking about debt, and talking about how they can’t pay their bills, and complaining in the store that they can’t buy what they Really want, and talking to their friends who are going through the Same Thing,

stating that There Is

“Never Enough Money”. 

E x a c t l y.  

‘There  Is   N e v e r    E n o u g h    M o n e y’.  

You keep that in your mind, your thoughts,

it’s in your headaches, your aches and pains and illness,

in your conversations,

it is Your Future…. 

Is that what you Really Want? 

Because That is what you Keep Asking for,

if that is what you are now Getting!

Of course that is Not what you really Want in your life!

We all want abundance of good things and money and time and freedom.

Nobody likes to work hard when they don’t feel like it.

Nobody likes stressing over paying bills. 

Nobody likes to say the words “I just can’t afford it”.

Used to be my mantra! 

We tend to Focus More on what we Don’t Have, that is why we keep getting… more of what we don’t have! 

Does that make sense?

Your ‘work’ however, is to get off the subject of what you Don’t Want, and start concentrating on what it is Exactly that You DO Want.  

Your work is to Not Focus on the things that you do Not want, even if they are are Right in Front of You. 

It Can take some effort.

Keep reading, you will learn how! 

"Thought is matter as much as the floor, the wall, the telephone, are matter."

- Jiddu Krishnamurti ('one of the greatest philosophical and spiritual figures of the 20th century')


#2 - “Is Not Your Job” !  

The Universe /Source Energy / All That Is -

Answers your requests in So Many Different ways,

with so many cooperative components lined up,

in the Very Instant that you Ask for it.

Hard to Believe, Easy to scoff at, I know. 

But, it’s True and It Works.

In another dimension, another frequency, another universe, whatever you want to call it, your Thoughts Have Become Things. (From another Great Teacher, Mike Dooley, and the Notes from the Universe)! 

It’s LAW - It HAS TO!!


#3 - Your Biggest Job is -

to Just Relax and “Let It In”. 

Easy huh?! 

Ha, Not! 

We are So Trained to find Reasons and Excuses and Theories and Friends and Opinions to support us, that we - we really don’t think that we are ‘Worthy’ of All That, or there’s ‘no way’ that can happen to me (you are Correct if you say that!), or so and so and that and them and they say that just Can’t happen…  

Not to mention…. Who can Relax these days?!

*Changing those thoughts of what you Don’t Want is Key* 

Don’t Contradict what you are wanting to have happen.

Do not say that you will Believe it when you See it.

The Reality is -

the LAW is …

You Will SEE It

When You


(Thank You Wayne Dyer!) 

Thoughts Become Things!
I Attract All Good Things
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how  do i relax and let it in ?!

Ego Says...

HOW  Do I Relax to Let It In?!

Pet your dog. Or cat.

Play with your child. Make someone smile.

Go for a walk. Sit in the sun.

Sit by some water if you can, water has a cleansing and healing quality.

Take in the Glorious Warmth of the sun, and Give Thanks.

Enjoy the fresh air. Breath it in.

Listen to music. Play some music. 

Make a Healthy Salad. 

Take a nap. Drink an herbal tea. Or coffee with a friend. 

Plant something, even if only in a small container. 


Hug someone. Call someone.

Ride a bike.

Learn how to Meditate, easily.

Listen to a Paraliminal.


Someone Wise once said ‘The best time to go for a walk (or exercise) is when you least want to’ !!    

Do it.

Move. Walk around the house. Walk Outside.

Stretch, reach, bend, breath. Whatever your body can do, do it. 


Have you ever in your life woken up and felt truly glad to be alive?

I Do, all the time Now (Didn’t used, no way!). 

Hopefully there is some time that you can remember, when you were Truly Happy to be ALIVE. 

Take that thought, that good feeling, and try to feel every little bit of it. Bask in it.

Anything that makes you feel good, think more of that.


‘Grab the Gusto’! (thank you T.E.!) 

Grab all the good stuff, the good thoughts, the good feelings, the good conversations with the good people!



Life IS Good.

You just need to start Looking for it, all the millions of little, and big, Good Things that happen Every Day.

Enjoy Living.

Be Happy. 

Be HAPPY and Get ….

EveryThing that You Ever Wanted in your Life, and much more.

Sounds Crazy, I know. 

It Does Work. 

Law Of Attraction Does Work.  




Trust in the Timing -

of every Moment -

every Situation -

every Person. 

It's not about Controlling, 

it's about Allowing. 

You may call them Coincidences, but they are Your Creation. 

Synchronicity ..... Synchronicity .... 


Be Calm,

Be Still.

Think thoughts of how you would Love this situation to BE, really.

Your Reality.


You Create Your Own Reality. 

You Can HEAL Your LIFE. 

All is Well! 

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Enjoy Today

more on law of attraction!

In case you haven’t seen it yet, I wrote more about Law of Attraction on this page.

I SO MUCH LOVE Abraham though!

"Pure, Positive Energy."

Their Teachings make the Most Sense to me. They resonated with me from the Very First listening of Esther and Abraham in the movie The Secret, (first edition, as they were cut from the second, long story…!) 

I have always had questions about Why things are the way they are ‘Here’… and, When We Die, What Goes On ‘There’….. And What is In-Between?!


I have always loved stories about aliens and ufos and other dimensions and Worldly Beings (thanks, dad!).

I have never believed that We here on this Earth are the Only Beings in this Whole Universe???!

That is just a Ludicrous Thought, to Me!!

Law Of Attraction Globe

I can really only tell you ….. What I personally have Experienced, and what I am Now Experiencing. 

Lots of Goodness, Right Now!! 

I started off from a bad place, around the time that I was introduced to Abraham. And then it got worse. Then much worse!  

It took me a While, with even constant listening some times, it took my stubborn self and thick skull quite a while until I Learned to TRULY Relax And Let It In. 

And Now… it is Just So Simple. And I love to share it in this format, on my website, how Easy it Really Can Be. 

I see things happening nearly Instantly sometimes, lately. 

It Is a Trip when you are In The Flow! 

; ] 

If we could all just keep that Innocence that we are Born With, No Matter What the growing up years bring us, then we would retain the Knowledge that we Innately Know from Spirit when we are born, instead of having to Relearn it all - 

That WE Are, 

Each and Every One of Us, 

a Part of the Supreme Being, 

the Universe, Each Other 

and Every Living Thing. 

We are all in this Together??  

You Bet. 

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Attract Money!

Every THING, Every BODY, has a Vibration.

Even Money and Health have a Vibration.

If you are focusing on your rent, mortgage, bills, your aches and pains, car troubles, food costs, and all that you Lack, then that is what Law of Attraction is going to bring to you, more of what you Lack. 

We tend to keep looking at What Is Happening Right NOW.

Very Easy to do, as it is what we are Living Right Now, right?? 

NOW Keeps Us HERE. 

It is easy to spend too much time trying to stand on our heads to make other people happy, people who don’t know how to make themselves happy.

Every body (just about) expects you to conform to what They think you should be like, and when you don’t conform, they become demanding, angry, unhappy, moody …. 

Now both of you are unhappy. 

So it is no wonder that we conform, because it is easier to go with Their flow, at the moment, than it is to go with Your Flow, and making Yourself, happy. 

Try being just a little more ‘selfish’, and realize that you just Can Not Please Every One, or even Any One, for that matter, all of the time. 

Also, how can you cheer someone up or Give to them, if you yourself are not happy or healthy or have extra to give?!

We tend to listen to people and sympathize with them, meanwhile taking in Their (Not healthy or happy or abundant) vibrations, on top of ours.

Tough to get out of that, or avoid that.

But it IS Possible.

It’s not only Possible, it is NECESSARY if you want to live a HAPPY HEALTHY LIFE … or Not.  

You can only Create YOU, and They can only Create Themselves.

They cannot change you, you cannot change them.

None of us can Truly Understand WHY anyone thinks or feels the way that they do.

We have not lived their life,

have not walked in their moccasins,

do not know the Deep Down dreams and desires of Anyone,

sometimes not even Ourselves. 

Same goes for Control.

You Can Never Control Another, just as Another Can Never Control YOU. 

‘Like Attracts Like’ - Struggle and Conflict just matches you up to more struggle and conflict. 


Only YOU have the POWER to Change Yourself,

Your Attitudes and Outlooks,

and leave everyone else to take care of their own life. 

"Leave what everyone else says and thinks

out of the equation". 

Meditating on the beach

It is Not always easy to do,

relaxing and letting go,

as we train our brains and bodies to be busy and

productive and on top of things,

and it is Not Easy to slow down or even

stop our racing thoughts. 

But the Benefits to slowing down and

stopping your racing thoughts are MANY.

A Calm Mind and Healthy / Healing Body

Can Create

Much Abundance and Happiness

and Health in Your Life. 

The Better It Gets, The Better It Gets!!

Well-Being Abounds. 

Outrageous Abundance is All Around Us!


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choose  happiness!

And don’t you think it’s WEIRD, 

(well, I DO Anyways!), 

that we have to SERIOUSLY WORK At …

Being Happy??! 

It is our natural birthright to be happy,

and look at us! 

Just go slow.

One thought at a time.

One happy memory at a time.

One smile,

one breezy sunshiny moment at a time,

it’s All Good,

Appreciate It. 

I Choose Happiness




And it Needs to be Appreciated! 

Would You keep giving and giving to someone if they never appreciated you ?! 

I think Not. 

We go along day to day, I'm saying All of us, for too much of our lives, anyways... 

just keep on looking at our daily life and proclaiming that That Is 'What Is'.

Our Reality, Our Life, our 'Truth'?! 

Looking at ‘What IS’ - 

IF it is Not what you WANT - 

is a Contradictory Vibration.

‘What Is’ is what HAS happened,

which may or may not be

What You Want from This Moment On. 

Stop talking, thinking, blogging, gossiping, writing about

what You Don’t Want. 

Work every moment on your thoughts. (Well, don't make yourself crazy...)!

Just Pay Attention to things that you Tend to say, without thinking.

THINK About what you Say!

And Think!

It IS Powerful, what you are putting Out There! 

It should wake you up, Shake you up a bit, what Really comes out of our mouths, REPEATEDLY!

When we talk to others, when we talk to ourselves... when we yell at our kids or our spouse.... 

You Always have a Choice, with Any Thought,

with Any Situation or Subject -

Your Thought can Lean in the Direction of What Feels Good …..

or it can Lean in the Direction of What Does NOT Feel Good.

That’s all it really takes - a bit of Leaning Towards what you Want, and the ‘Energy that Creates Worlds’ will sweep you along to more and more of What You Want. 

GIVE UP the feeling of fighting, working, trying - 

stop Trying so hard!

Give up the Battle. 

Another ‘secret’ is that getting what we Want out of Life

is NOT A Difficult Thing!

It is Ourselves and our Conditioned and Habitual Thoughts

that keep us from Getting What We WANT. 

ALLOW Things to BE.

Stop trying to Force things to happen… it’s already Done!

It’s Your Turn now to RELAX and LET IT IN! 


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Believe In Your Dreams

we all want to just 'feel good' !

When your attention is on the Problem, you cannot see the Solution. 

Did you know that?

It is Impossible to have Both Thoughts at the Same Time. 

We ALL have a conscious desire to Feel Good.

That is why we buy more things, we think that we will feel better when we have it.

But Does It? For a while, maybe…. but then we just want something else, bigger, better. 

Or we want a new relationship, because we don't realize that we just keep carrying our own baggage from one to another... 

Or we want to keep moving, different faces, different places, it’s gotta be Better Over There.

I KNOW, because I spent Half of my Life going ‘Someplace Else’ ! 

Where No One Knew My Name! 

And it’s Always temporary, right? You begin to see what is wrong with the people, places or things over there, too. 

The Secret, again, is that we Create Our Own Happiness.


It's not finding the ‘perfect’ mate, not buying the coolest car around, or getting the ‘dream’ job, or even winning millions of dollars.

ALL come with their own sets of issues,

and if you are not HAPPY to Begin With,

then you will find fault with

and not be happy with them either. 


We are an odd society, when we have to Work at something that is a Natural Born Function - Finding Joy, Being Happy??

Why should that be Hard??! 


If you would just Stop Today, thinking those thoughts and staying on that path that is leading you to where you do not want to go, and start This Minute, being Conscious and Aware of Every Thought that you put out into the ‘Universe’, ….. then you will be Amazed and Delighted, and think that it is truly a Miracle, when things start happening. 

When, in actuality, the world spinning in it’s orbit and sun giving us energy and life, is what is a Miracle!

We are not just skin and bones - we are Vibrational Energy, living in these bodies that we selected, in the families that we selected, in the country we selected, in the year.... 


The ‘Universe’ does not hear or pay attention to what you SAY.

It is in tune with your vibrations, your energy, your vibrational energy. 

And how you Feel at any given moment, is what you are giving out and getting back. 

“YOU want to see it

and then you will believe it, 

WE want you to Believe It

Then You Will See it”. 

When you lighten up and relax and feel Good for a few moments, law of attraction will gently guide you towards better and better feeling things and away from those that don’t.

Be Still and Listen. Feel Better. Feel Good.

If you get turned around and are not feeling good, just try again.

Think, or do, something that makes you Happy, if only for a moment. Or two. 

Do Whatever It Takes To Feel Good Now. 

Follow Your Bliss

shift your focus - one thought at a time

If it doesn’t feel good, shift your focus a bit, to when it maybe Did feel good, or how you can make it feel good now.  

One Focus at a time, one thought at a time. Just like I say on my Easy Meditation page, it really is, just one breath at a time.

That is ALL we really have. Right Now This Second.

Think about it!

Where do you want to GO from HERE?! 

Just Do It. One Breath, One Thought, One Movement at a time.

One smile at a time.

One helpful hand at a time.

You help, they help, it all makes the world go around.


We really Are All ONE. 


Ease Up - On Yourself! 


Enjoy SomeThing This Second, a smell, a sight, a sound, a touch, a taste….! 

Find something good in as many moments in a day as you can, and your life will Absolutely Without A Doubt Get Better and Better. 

Abraham says “Life is not about the Big Things, it is about the minute by minute Moments”.

Where you are right Now, IS a Good Place. Don’t Groan. Appreciate. Find Some Thing to say Thank You for. 

Trust your inner ‘guidance system’, your intuition, your inner self, greater self, whatever you want to call it, trust that there is goodness in store for you, Because you deserve it. Period. 

“Things are always working out for me”. 

“It’s Never Done because it Never Ends”. 

“Your physical body knows what to do”. 

“Words do not teach”.

“I’m Not Worried About What’s Coming,

Because I KNOW What CAN and WILL Come”!! 

you have the power to heal yourself

Louise Hay - Approve Of Yourself

You have the Power to Heal Yourself!

Show yourself the power that you do have, a little bit at a time. 

Your body has the full ability to go from dis-ease

to abundant health,

as fast as you will ALLOW It.

Relax. Let It In! 

"R E L I E F 

Is the Cure



“There is no such thing as an Incurable dis-ease”.

All disease can be traced back to a root cause, Dis-Ease.

Your body, your thoughts, your actions,

what are you holding in,

holding onto that you don’t Need?! 


Not at ease. 


Begin to let it go. 

One breath at a time. 

Breath in goodness, breath out dis-ease. 

Confucius- Go With All Your Heart

Are you In Alignment with what you want right now, or not? 

Shift Your Focus. 




And watch the miracles start forming around you. 


Once you begin to see the Results of your

Deliberate and Intentional Thinking,

things will begin to show up in your life faster and faster.

Your ‘river’ is moving downstream faster.

‘Downhill’ being the ‘Paths of Least Resistance’,

the ‘Letting Yourself Go’,

the Positive Flow of Wellness and Goodness

and All That You Want.


And then you will see more and more to Appreciate. 

It Works! 

Try It!

Follow Your Guidance!


To Me, it is such a Simple Message, but it is our busy and sometimes complicated lives that steer us in a totally different direction than we actually would like to be in.

To learn more in-depth the Whys behind why we are the way we are and how to gently change,I really do suggest a book or audio cd or dvd of Abraham’s … pretty much anything you pick up that sounds interesting to you, will hopefully ‘resonate’ with you, and begin to have a positive result in your life, however slow or fast it may begin!


Abraham’s top three reasons

WHY we are alive and here on Planet Earth: 

For “Freedom - Growth - and JOY”. 

When we begin to actually feel Free of the constraints,

the Lifetime Habits and thoughts

that we have inundated ourselves with,

then we cannot help but Grow.





And, what comes out of all that, is Joy. Happiness. Health. Freedom. 

; ]

Rumi - You've seen my descent..

some of my most favorite
abraham-hicks for healing resources

My first book that I read by the Abraham-Hicks group was Ask and It Is Given - Learning to Manifest Your Desires. An Awesome and very uplifting book, full of powerful methods and processes to achieve our goals, whether it is better health, happiness, or more money. 

I also have the Money and the Law of Attraction - Learning to Attract Wealth, Health and Happiness cd set. Love It. Powerful Stuff. 

I also bought along the way  The Teachings of Abraham, the Master Course CD Program - 11 cds worth, an in-depth and comprehensive introduction to Abraham. Great for beginners!  

Also have a later cd set, The Vortex - Where the Law of Attraction Assembles All Cooperative Relationships, a lot of great insight into the various relationships that we have with all people, and how and why we attracted them. Excellent. 

And I have a Boatload of various dvds by Abraham-Hicks, too many to mention!  

Love them all, each and every one has taught me more than a lifetime of living has.

For the Better. Healthier, Happier, More Abundant! 

Can't say that any one book or audio or dvd is any better than another, as with repeated listenings or readings of any of them, the message WILL Sink in! 

The earlier Teachings may be easier to understand if you are new to Abraham. 

I love listening to the newest recordings, as it seems to be more 'cutting edge' information, as the audiences are more up to speed. 

But I recommend ANYTHING by Abraham-Hicks! 

Just Start! 


I believe meditation to be an important part of the process of creating the life that you want.

People make meditating into a big thing, it does not have to be!

Read my page on Meditating the Easy Way, it Can be simple! 

Abraham and Esther and Jerry Hicks came out with an awesome meditation cd, Getting Into The Vortex: Guided Meditations CD and User Guide. 

The Vortex is where we are when we are aligned, and where everything that we want is. 

It took me a while to get into their unique way of breathing, but just listen and absorb, don't work too hard to keep up at first. 

Excellent and also Highly Recommended! 

I can't even list all the works that I have of Abraham and Esther and Jerry Hick's, but Everything I listen to or read of theirs, teaches me something new about creating my life, and again, I Highly Recommend any and everything of theirs! 

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abraham quotes

In closing, a few good quotes from Abraham - a lot of them from the cd Law of Attraction - Directly from Source, that I happen to be listening to right now! GREAT High-Vibration Music with Esther's beautiful voice speaking the Wisdom of Abraham: 

Life is Supposed to Be good, Feel good.  

You didn’t come here for the struggle, you came for the Joy. 

You Can BE, DO or HAVE AnyThing that You DESIRE!

You have more control over your vibrational output than you let yourself believe. 

Know that you cannot get it done, and you can never get it wrong. The reason that you cannot get it wrong is because it can never be done.  You always have a Fresh Start Now.  

You have feelings like tension and stress because you are not letting yourself go in the direction of your desire, that which life is calling you toward, but you are not Going Toward. 

The more you beat the drum of something, the more you activate it in your vibration, the more you activate it in your vibration, the more Law of Attraction is matching you up to things like it - the more you observe and talk about it, the more you beat the drum of it, the more it is activated, the more of it you attract…

Who you Really Are - the Larger Part of you - is Non-Physical Energy. You are a non-physical being in a physical body, having a physical experience. 





Love-Energy - 





Life Is Supposed To Be Good For You.

Let It In!

Be Easy about it, don’t make a big thing about it, 

Don’t seek healing, just seek Relief. 

Don’t seek improvement, just seek Relief. 

Don’t seek solutions, 

Just Seek Relief. 

Feel a little better, and a little better, and a little better. 

Get into the Flow of Everything that you Desire. 

Focus only on that, and then everything that you’ve dreamed about will manifest, very quickly. 



Rumi - You are not a drop in the ocean
Today I will make Magic Happen
Lucy Surprised
Napoleon Hill - No Limits To The Mind

Don’t Dream Your Life, Live Your Dream!! 

What Is Your Passion?! 

(sorry, that’s a blatant plug, just wanted to give you

Yet Another Option that might lead You to having a

bigger, better, healthier life…!)

(It Did for ME!) 

; ] 

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It's A New Life!

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