Alternative Healing - 
Alternatives to Doctors and Drugs!

Alternative Healing Remedies

CAN Change Your Health!

Pharmaceutical companies and

western medicine

Want You To Believe


Your Healing Options

Are Limited


medical doctors


prescription medications.

The problem is that Many of these prescriptions actually Cause Further Damage to the body, which requires More prescriptions to deal with the side effects They cause!

If you watch TV, then you can’t help but see the Extreme amount of drug ads, pushing new and Sometimes Barely Tested drugs on us (yes, Really).

Did you know that in MOST countries


for pharmaceutical companies

to Advertise?!

What we consider here in the U.S. as

’alternative’ or

‘complementary alternative medicine’,

(or 'natural, or 'herbal', or 'ancient', or ...) 

has actually been in existence 

for as long as man

has been on this planet!

Before man-made chemicals were introduced,

native remedies consisted mainly of plants. 

Leaves, stems, barks,

seeds, roots, flowers, oils,

all derived from local vegetation.

Plants were ground into poultices, brewed into teas,

inhaled as aromatherapy, or smoked as dried herbs.

Alternative Healing Finds the Root Cause

Alternative Healing just works differently. 

These healing options address the Root Cause of the problem and work to bring about better health in an individual.

Unlike most prescription medications

that have been around for

less than fifty years,

these Alternative Remedies

are items that you find in Nature

and have Thousands of Years of Proof

that show that




Most prescription medications that are prescribed today

have not even been around long enough

for us to know what the

'Long-Term' Side Effects will be!

There is an

Alarming Epidemic of

Pain-Pill Addictions

and Accidental Overdoses.

Do You Really Want to expose Yourself

or a Loved One to a




to pharmaceutical-strength

pain medications? 

There are So Many *Alternative* Ways to Heal! 

Did you know - 

that recent numbers show that 80% of the World's pain meds are consumed in the United States, which has only 5% of the world's population?! 

And that accidental prescription drug overdoses are now the leading cause of Preventable Deaths here in the U.S., more than car accidents? 

And prescription pain pills lead to a Higher crime rate and

More health problems? 

And, an aside, states with medical marijuana available as a substitute for pain pills, have a Lower rate of prescription painkiller overdoses each year?

Have you ever actually Read the inserts that come with your prescriptions?

It’s enough to make you sick(er)! 


But what if you could, say, take a common product like cinnamon to help combat heart conditions or diabetes?

What if you could eat a little garlic and see an impact on your cholesterol levels?

That is Really Possible

when you UNDERSTAND 

Alternative Healing

and How it Works.

Most naturopaths and other holistic healers have had a

Great Deal of Success

by studying ancient healing practices,

learning how to incorporate this healing

into our current daily lives

using the foods, herbs, oils

and more that come from nature. 

Read On! 

benefits of alternative healing medicines


Some of the BENEFITS of Alternative Healing Medicine are:

  • The Safety factor!
  • Minimal Or NO Side Effects
  • Minimal Or NO Reactions to other medications or therapies
  • Alternative Remedies are NEARLY ALWAYS CHEAPER than conventional medicine
  • Closer To Nature is ALWAYS the better choice for your Body!
  • If you have No health insurance, you can still Get and Afford Alternative Healing methods!
  • Natural Cures tend to HEAL the WHOLE PERSON, 

       also known as HOLISTIC HEALING, 

       and Will Work Tremendously Well 

       when Combined with a

       Change In Diet and 

       a Little Exercise!

Changing your diet goes a long ways towards changing your health!

You will find here Unique Ways to strengthen your immune system, which will greatly improve how your body functions.

A healthy body will naturally settle into its own ideal weight!

Weight loss tips are great, but the proper foods and herbs and natural supplements can mean everything to your weight and health!

You will learn about therapies that you may have

never considered,

but are practiced in many parts of the world

where people are Known to be


and less obese

and Live Longer

than we are here in the United States!

Many countries and populations around the world,

considered ‘less-civilized’ and

certainly ‘poorer’ than

here in the U.S.,

are Still living with

much Better Health

and Live Much Longer

than we do here,

with our Billion dollar pharmaceutical industry and

‘broke’/ broken heath care system!

It is believed by many that the enormous amounts of chemicals in our medicines, air, water and earth, have ruined our immune systems to the point that the ONLY way that we are going to cure these ‘incurable’ diseases is to go back to nature, back to natural ways and remedies and methods of living and healing!

Realize and



Well-Being IS

the Natural Tendency

of Your Body and

it’s Systems and Cells!






And  We  Can  Help !

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